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Originally Posted by Crum View Post
Another weird thing, turns out the power ups HUD appears for every character and not just Sonic and Knuckles. The enable/disable shield abilities button also does.
Honestly whenever I load up this mod I forget about other characters haha.

Originally Posted by Crum View Post
I like the homing target, it's pretty helpful. Though I'd like it if it didn't show up while you were currently Knuckles since you won't do the homing attack on switching. Maybe it could be a unique Knuckles icon to signify that it's only on switching?
I let it show up for him to help the player know that he can be fired off as a missile. But I can see how nonsensical this is.

Originally Posted by Crum View Post
EDIT: Also invincibility and fire trails don't seem to reward power ups ever. Is that intended?
This is intentional, in fact it's actually based on a rule I set for myself when implementing this character switching mechanic into my other project. In that project, the levels I made had an abundance of enemies. I thought to myself that you these power-ups should feel earned, you gotta work hard for them, no shortcuts allowed.
Buuuuut I guess that rule doesn't have to apply to vanilla srb2, especially since as the levels go on, less and less enemies are roam the places.

Fun Fact: Originally the power-ups were rewarded by touching starposts.

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback, I'll see what I can do for the next update.
Hmmm~ So tasty!
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