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I will admit the layout for acz3 was kind of an afterthought since I was just excited to get the double train concept working. I've been meaning to make some changes, since even the meanest ctf maps from vanilla (nimbus ruins) don't have platforming that is as precise as the metal platforms on acz3. I don't think I'll be outright removing the polyobject, but when I get around to releasing 4.1 there will probably be some wider platforms with less sneaky holes. Especially since the map is technically not symmetrical due to the lighting, making some platforms harder to see on only one side.

As for silver cascade's old underwater section - I don't really hate it, but playing lots of matches on that stage made me realize that once a flag carrier drops into the water they become a giant liability for their team. Any competent defender will simply camp the spring at the end of the tunnel, so any flagrunner that enters the water is effectively dead anyway. Using a death pit just skips that frustrating gameplay. My main worry about the remade version of SCZ is that it's not faithful to the original design, but people seem to really enjoy it so I'll stick to my gut here.
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