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Default Update v1.2 now out!

v1.2 is out!

Spoiler: Changelog v1.2
Changelog (v1.2):
1) Adjusted the player's secondary character switching abilities. A lock-on arrow
will now show up if an enemy is nearby.
2) Re-adjusted distance and angle that you can lock-on to enemies.
3) Knuckles Missile no longer one-shots enemies with more than 2 health points.
4) Player no longer has to land on the ground to be able to switch again.
5) Changed line 211 in "MobjDeath" hook (under POWR.lua).
6) Power-Up item now spawns quicker and moves faster.

You can switch characters more than once without having to land on the ground now!

Originally Posted by Crum View Post
There are some minor issues though. Like the power-up sphere moves really slowly and I don't like having to wait for it even when I'm just barely inching forward and still outpacing it. And the new homing attack on switching to Knuckles is... inconvenient sometimes due to how SRB2's enemies tend to be. It catches me off guard a lot and doesn't feel natural. Also after playing for a while, the game started periodically throwing up errors for line 212 in the POWR script, saying that "mo" was a nil value. I looked and it seems like that "or" on line 211 shouldn't be there, since the very next part depends on mo having a value and won't work otherwise.
Thank you for bringing these up, dunno why I put an or there in that part of the script but oh well. I've reworked the attacks by using the lock-on feature as well as decreasing the range of the angle and vertical distance that you lock-on to enemies.

EDIT: I've decided not to keep the attachments of the older versions up, since there are a number of errors with those mods. If you do however want those files for reasons, then just drop me a pm on this site or message me on discord.
Hmmm~ So tasty!

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