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Default Update!

This mod has been updated!

Go check out version 1.1!

EDIT: Forgot to update info on player switching abilities, check the original post again in a few minutes.

Changelog v1.1:
Changelog (v1.1):
1) Disabled power-up HUD appearing in special stages.
2) Power-up HUD positionings work for all resolutions.
3) Added icons to show the player whether they can use shield abilities or
secondary power-up abilities.

1) Cannot switch from Knuckles to Sonic after a glide/stomp landing.
2) Fixed switching during super form transformation.
3) Can no longer switch characters in NiGHTs when touching the floor.
4) Added character switching attacks: Homing Attack & Knuckles Missile.
5) "Character Switch Orb" positioning fixes and display offset changes.

1) Earthbreaker renamed S.T.O.M.P (Super Terrifying Object Mega Plummet).
2) Fixed S.T.O.M.P causing player to be stuck in goop, springs and objects that
carry the player.
3) S.T.O.M.P now has a longer quake and Knuckles stalls for a bit after landing.
4) S.T.O.M.P no longer summons rocks and has different effects on enemies.
5) Knuckles no longer plummets to the ground when using the spin button to
disembark from an object or wall that he's clinging on while having the
S.T.O.M.P ability.
6) If Knuckles is hurt/killed while stomping he will change to the appropriate
7) Character switching attacks no longer get stuck in an infinite chasing loop.

1) Tails can no longer affect the player's kill count
2) Dropdash bug fixed: player would be in there standing frame for 1 tic before
initiating the dropdash move (discovered thanks to CobaltBW experiencing a
similar problem).
Hmmm~ So tasty!

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