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Zero_the_artificial 03-07-2020 04:52 AM

The Werehog v1.3
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The full moon rises! The Werehog is unleashed!

The Werehog returns, with a whole new set of skills and gameplay, inspired by his gameplay in Sonic Unleashed!

The Werehog's combat is significantly different from his original game, this time tailored towards' SRB2's level design, which encourages using enemies to your advantage to progress in a fluid manner. But, if you can't run from a fight, he's well equipped for a good brawl!


Due to popular demand, this ability is disabled by Default. If you wish to enable it for the full experience, type "runbutton enable" in console.
The Werehog moves slower than the rest of the cast, but by holding Custom 1 you run on all fours to achieve maximum speed! Be careful though - he has a much higher acceleration than others, so try not to slip and fall while running!


Unlike his hedgehog counterpart, the Werehog can't attack enemies by jumping on them, but by pressing spin midair, he can slash forwards with his claws for a poweful attack that can destroy spikes, walls and floors alike. It's great for midair combat, as you can use it multiple times after jumping, or even bouncing on springs!


Tons of enemies on the floor, and don't want to repeatedly bounce on each one to defeat them? Well then, has Werehog got the move for you! By holding spin on the floor, you'll start spinning around like a denim-wearing-bandicoot and destroy all enemies (spikes or walls) in your path!

Double Jump and Grapple-Punch

If there are no enemies nearby, tapping the jump button again in the air will give you some extra height with the Double Jump! Useful when you slip off a platform, or to make it easier to reach higher places.

If there are enemies near you when jumping, pressing the jump button will make the Werehog stretch his arm to grab the nearest enemy and grapple towards it. Just tapping the jump button will make you bounce off it like a homing attack, stopping your momentum. But, by holding it, you'll bounce much higher and launch at full speed forwards! You can combo multiple enemies and keep the pace while you play "The Floor is Lava" on any level!

A few little extra additions to improve the fluffy stretchy arms experience, like last time I seriously suggest you try and find these out yourself, but if you just wanna get it over quickly...
Spoiler: seriously bro
  • Unleashed Sound Effects
  • unearthly screaming when dying
  • crashing into the nice cold dirt when you're out of lives
  • fluffy smol continue
  • Werehog Fireworks!
  • squattin waiting animation
  • an adorable red flying companion (you can enable/disable by typing "chip" in console)
  • stretching arms to vibe check your enemies
  • Custom NiGHTS sprites!
  • no super form, but hey now its purple (tm)
  • W E R E H U G S (custom 1)
  • a sudden jazz band might play when killing an enemy, and will continue playing as you continue your combat. When will they play? Who knows... (You can now disable it by typing jazzband in console)

oh boy this is gonna be a long one

Attachment 27731MotdSpork, rumia1, Tatsuru and Lach! -Scripting

Absolutely everything about Werehog's abilities, sound effects and visual effects is thanks to MotdSpork. Rumia1 helped a ton with testing and suggesting different ideas plus helping spork with the coding. Tatsuru for letting us use their Amyhugs script, and Lach for helping spork fix a nasty flipped gravity bug. Thank you so much for making the Werehog super unique!

Attachment 27731DaOrangeBoi - Character CSS

Thank you so much for making the super cool Werehog CSS pic!!

Attachment 27731Inazuma - Chip Sprites

Thank you for letting us use your adorable Chip sprites and also your suggestions for improving Werehog's movement, as well as my sprites in general!! I hope you enjoy playing him as much as we enjoyed designing him.

Attachment 27731ApocHedgie - Jump SFX

I can't believe how hard this was to find, thank you so much for finding the Werehog's jumping SFX, we owe you one.

Attachment 27731The SRB2 Discord

For all it's memery and hype around Werehog's release, your criticism, your laughs and motivation to see this guy released, I thank you for your patience. I hope you love playing as our adorable Werehugs, enjoy!

Spoiler: Changelog!

V1 - Initial Release

  • Fixed being able to WereSpin in DSZ water slides
  • Fixed being able to WereSpin after exiting a level
  • Fixed the WereSpin not properly extending the battle music
  • Run button is now disabled by default
  • Normal acceleration when run button is disabled. Quicker acceleration with it enabled
  • Made battle music rarer
  • Fixed an animation bug with the WereSpin when being pushed upwards by fans
  • Fixed a bug were battle music carried over between stages
  • Made the hand detection code more efficient and consistent
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldnt grapple towards certain objects the hand collided with (Thank you Tatsuru)
  • Added sound when locking onto a target
  • Made it so you can always doublejump after grappling a boss
  • Fixed a big were the werespin wouldnt damage some object types
  • Moved hug to Custom 2

V1.2 (hotfix)
  • Fixed a bug where Were-Spin could hurt other players in co-op.
  • Added an option to remove the reticle SFX and to shut the jazz band up once and for all.
  • Commands: "lockonsfx" to enable/disable the reticle sounf effect, and "jazzband" to enable/disable the random battle music.
  • Removed the spawning hearts button while hugging to avoid consistent SIGSEGV crashing.
V1.3.1 Hotfix
Rewritten AmyHugs, should be way more stable online.

Inazuma 03-07-2020 09:11 AM

Wow! I seriously can't believe how fast you guys are at pumping out character wads! The spritework and coding here is fantastic! Throughout my initial run through the vanilla campaign as werehog, I found myself taking all sorts of unique routes. I really enjoy how ridiculously strong grapple-punch is. Also, the fact that he can utilize amy's spring bounce and spike break came in handy very often and aided in allowing me to take a more creative approach towards completing the campaign.

I do have a few comments though...

1: Werehog's were-claw feels useless. Werehog's grapple-punch is already a phenomenal ability for taking out enemies so this swing feels redundant at best. Although I do understand that the primary use for this is for spring bouncing and breaking through floors... it doesn't really flow too well with the rest of his kit. What if Werehog had some sort of dive ability instead of were-claw? Having a dive would allow him to have a quick and aggressive follow up move to his grapple-punch.

2: The run button is.... very useless to be honest. It doesn't add anything to his gameplay and serves more as an inconvenience most of the time. I would much rather the run button be set to off by default or, frankly, to see it removed entirely.

Also this wad is hilarious. I love the jokes in this thing. I won't say what it is here for the sake of not spoiling it for other players. Just know that its great.

Anyways... Welcome to Releases!

DylanDude 03-07-2020 09:32 AM

The jazz band joke starts off funny but gets old pretty quickly, I must admit. I find it annoying that it interrupts the in-level music, and then restarts it once it's done. Kind of kills my immersion in any level I'm in. It's already to the point where I am avoiding killing enemies to avert this from happening. Is there a way to disable it?

MotdSpork 03-07-2020 10:09 AM

First off, Werehog was really fun to work on. I'm really happy to see how it turned out in the end. Though the only thing I would personally change is moving the Hug button to something...beside the run button. Kinda odd to be able to hug people from a full sprint.

I thought the battle music was pretty funny and as much as i hate it in feels oddly fresh here and i tend to smile every time it kicks in.

Then...there is the death scream. It is a bit loud....but absolutely hilarious hearing someone die in multiplayer because you can hear it from so far. Easily one of the best parts.

The Grapple punch is by far the best "homing attack" we have in SRB2 only rivaled by Neo Sonic....which is saying something. The fact that you can choose between keeping your momentum or not is wonderful and extremely fun to chain together. It gets even better since you can lock onto enemies above you as well. (Screw you flying enemies)

While I kind of agree with Inazuma about the Wereclaw being somewhat useless...I can't fully agree. While I don't see myself using it too does open up possibilities of taking paths characters like Sonic wouldn't be taking. Similar to how Amy is forced on her own paths as well as Fang. It allows for variety for levels and adds replay value. I'm always open to suggestions though on replacing or making the ability better.

The Werespin is pretty fun too. Being able to plow your way through groups is pretty satisfying at times albeit a little OP haha. Even being able to gain momentum down slopes are keeping momentum after hitting sideways springs is really fun and satisfying if you can retain said speed.

While the doublejump feels pretty it's just that; a double jump, I tried to give it a little extra flare with using the air particles from Pointy...that was also used in ModernSonic's doublejump. I also added the little twirl he does for authenticity. It's still pretty helpful in platforming and I wouldn't change it for anything else.

Anyway, like I said. Werehog was really fun to code and I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I did making it!

S.T.F 03-07-2020 12:36 PM

Gud Mod! buddy

morcydoodle 03-07-2020 12:58 PM


Golden Shine 03-07-2020 01:58 PM

What the hell? When did character wads with this level of intricacy get released so often? 2.1 had like...3 characters even remotely as interesting as this. I'm used to simple boring characters that are hardly different from the rest besides 1 different ability for their double-jump and maybe a slide instead of a roll.

But this is authentic enough to make me wanna play in analog mode with a controller. The werehog's been done before, but not with sprites like this. Only thing that gets kind of old is the Werehog music.

Sylvegamer3 03-07-2020 02:51 PM

I saw a bunch of previews for this guy, and I'm happy to say that he feels as good as I thought! The homing attack is absolutely one of the most satisfying ones to use, and the little quirks I found in a short run-through of GFZ certainly made him feel all the more polished! I haven't found too many uses for the claw or spin yet, but GFZ is one of the least complicated zones, so I imagine there's more use for the abilities in later zones. Though, I do sorta agree with some of these other posts; I don't really find the jazz too annoying, but I'd prefer it if the previous music would just fade back in rather than restart completely; makes him feel a little smoother than he does already, you could say. Other than that though, I love him! Super fun!

rocklight124 03-07-2020 03:37 PM

I Love Werehog, but can you please add a config file. It will help me disable the run button without having to go into the console every time i open the game.

Lolour 03-07-2020 03:38 PM

Amazing, just incredible, this is literally amazing.

FlyingNosaj 03-07-2020 03:56 PM

This is an extremely fun wad with the run button toggled off, all of you who have worked on this have done a wonderful job!

However, I found a bug relating to waterways, where holding spin on them can increase the players speed.

Lolour 03-07-2020 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by FlyingNosaj (Post 817611)
This is an extremely fun wad with the run button toggled off, all of you who have worked on this have done a wonderful job!

However, I found a bug relating to waterways, where holding spin on them can increase the players speed.

It's because when you press Spin to do the spin attack, for some reason it counts as running and if you go to a spring or something that gives you velocity, you can get insane speeds.

Goldenhog 03-07-2020 07:04 PM

Man who cares what the devs say, this chainable homing attack type thing that is the grapple punch is the funnest thing, I can't get enough of it. You can easily get two lives out of the beginning of GFZ2, and if you made sure to destroy everything you'll be just shy of a third. Only changes to it I would suggest are a ding sound like in the modern games, so that unfavorable camera angles don't get in the way of knowing if an enemy is targetted or not, and making springs not break combos since sometimes there's a spring around and you can't help hitting it.

I'm also not a huge fan of the runbutton feature but man that grapple punch maaaaan


CyberKnux 03-07-2020 08:08 PM

This Is The Best Sonic Unleashed SRB2 Mod I ever seen!

SpinSlash165 03-07-2020 08:13 PM

GODDAMNIT, I was working on a Werehog mod too! You beat me to it!

Ah well. I'm not that bothered - clearly looks much better than the trainwreck I was working on. Even got a certain feature I was trying to add in. Nice work!

Daviroll_Limit 03-07-2020 09:12 PM

I played a few games with Werehog, and I can say that I am more used to acceleration without pressing Custom Action 1
for the fact of Gameplay I have to say that it is perfect for every level
the thing that I hated is the fact that with Were-spin you can't create momentum, apart from it doesn't push any direction, is it possible to fix this?

AozoraJustin 03-07-2020 10:23 PM

I prefer not having the run button in play since I'm naturally used to fast/speedy characters in this game (and the better acceleration is more of an upside for the Werehog) and having to move my fingers over on an Xbox controller to press and hold a run command feels more cumbersome than anything when I want to combine it with jumping/attacking.

Otherwise, wow. It's really satisfying to play as this big boy and chain-slap everything in the map in one giant combo and then get right back onto running in no time flat.

Puppyfaic 03-07-2020 10:56 PM

the jazz band is irritating and i echo the complaints about the run button but otherwise this is very well-done. i've always loved the werehog's design. good work.

a toggle for the Chip follower as well might be nice. i'm not a fan of him.

Snowy 03-08-2020 12:06 AM

Although he doesn't state it in the post (likely a mistake) there is a toggle for Chip. If you type help in the console you can see all commands related to the wads you have loaded on the bottom-most group, with added wads putting their commands to the top. Type Chip On or Chip Off to enable/disable the lil' flying chihuahua.

CyberKnux 03-08-2020 12:54 AM

Posted By Snowy

Originally Posted by Snowy (Post 817641)
Although he doesn't state it in the post (likely a mistake) there is a toggle for Chip. If you type help in the console you can see all commands related to the wads you have loaded on the bottom-most group, with added wads putting their commands to the top. Type Chip On or Chip Off to enable/disable the lil' flying chihuahua.

Oh... I did not know that....

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