Zone Builder

[Reusable] Zone Builder v2.14

Zone Builder v2.14 has just been released. A small update this time, mostly focused on supporting some of 2.2.10's new features.

Full changelog:
  • Added feature: Updated the configuration file with 2.2.10's new additions.
  • Added feature: Visual Mode support for new 2.2.10 features:
    • Blending modes for FOFs & midtextures now display.
      • Known bugs: Modulative displays as translucent, and subtractive midtextures render invisible areas as pure black.
    • The new slope copying actions & flags are visible.
    • Multi-tagging actions 97-99 should have their effects visible.
  • Added feature: Added actions for moving around the selection along the grid in Edit Selection mode.
  • Added feature: Expanded "non-essential" selection action to work in Linedefs mode.
  • Bugfix: Added some missing warnings and checks to some of the newer actions.
  • Bugfix: Fixed 2D flat alignment to be more stable when performing an undo/redo.

Zone Builder v2.13 has just been released, with texture skewing on sloped FOFs, several new actions and a couple of enhancements & tweaks.

Full changelog:
  • Added feature: Visual Mode now displays texture skewing on sloped FOF sides. (With thanks to Monster Iestyn!)
  • Added feature: Visual Mode now shows skywalls/missing textures more accurately to SRB2, and takes horizon lines into account.
  • Added feature: Some new Visual Mode actions:
    • Toggle texture skewing, set to Alt+W by default, which will apply the proper flag(s) to enable or disable texture skewing.
    • Select floors/ceilings, set to Alt+F and Alt+C by default, which only keeps floors or ceilings from your selection selected.
  • Added feature: Some new classic (2D) editing mode actions:
    • Reset actions/tags, set to Alt+R by default, which sets the actions, effects and tags of all selected lines or sectors to 0. Also works in Visual Mode.
    • Reset flags, set to Alt+Shift+R by default, which unchecks every flag of all selected things or lines. (Except Impassable and Double-Sided flags for one- and two-sided lines, respectively.) Also works in Visual Mode.
    • Select non-essential vertices, set to Shift+V by default, which only keeps the non-essential vertices (that don't affect any sector shapes) in your selection selected, for easy deletion.
  • Added feature: Some UDMF actions related to floor/ceiling alignment are now functional for SRB2:
    • Align Floor/Ceiling to Front Side are now functional for SRB2, set to Alt+F and Alt+C by default. These actions will toggle the flat alignment specials on selected lines and apply the appropriate flags.
    • Floor/ceiling offsets can now be changed directly in Visual Mode, using (Shift +) the arrow keys. This does require one of the sector's linedefs having the flat alignment action applied (without a tag).
  • Changed behavior: Slight optimizations to Visual Mode, mostly when dealing with vertex slopes.
  • Changed behavior: Holding Alt and Shift when selecting middle textures in Visual Mode allows selecting both sides again.
  • Changed behavior: Improved the Stair Sector Builder with new "distinct sectors" option (backported from Ultimate Doom Builder) and slightly tweaked controls.
  • Changed behavior: Updated the 2.2 configuration to add some previously undocumented behavior.
  • Changed behavior: Tweaked the ZenNode configuration to make the default nodebuilding options much faster. (If you know what a REJECT lump is and know that you still absolutely need it, you can use the "ZenNode - Slow (with REJECT)" setting.)
  • Bugfix: Things with a centered hitbox, like NiGHTS hoops, will now correctly take their sector's ceiling height into account.
  • Bugfix: Toggle Slope (Back) now properly checks for existing slopes.
  • Bugfix: Inaccessible zoom tube waypoints will now be marked, for easier correction.

Zone Builder v2.12 has just been released, mostly containing improvements and bugfixes related to Visual Mode and Thing editing.

Full changelog:
  • Added feature: Several new actions for Visual Mode.
    • Raise and lower Floor/Ceiling/Thing by the current grid size, bound to Alt+Shift+ScrollUp and Alt+Shift+ScrollDown by default.
    • Toggle Peg Midtexture and Repeat Midtexture flags, bound to P and R by default.
  • Added feature: Several actions from regular editing modes now also work in Visual Mode.
    • Paint selection, bound to the middle mouse button by default. (Backported from Ultimate Doom Builder)
    • Selecting only single- or double-sided linedefs.
  • Added feature: Flag, angle and parameter labels can now be changed in custom object definitions, using the fields $Flags1Text, $Flags2Text, $Flags4Text, $Flags8Text, $AngleText, $ParameterText and $FlagsValueText.
  • Added feature: Linedef and thing flags with changed labels/text are now highlighted, making it easier to see flags with special behavior for specific linedef actions or thing types.
  • Added feature: The parameter value of a Thing is now easier to edit, and displays label changes outside of the Edit Thing window.
  • Added feature: The flags value of a Thing is now visible outside of the Edit Thing window.
  • Changed behavior: Things that use their Angle value for other uses, like slope vertices and polyobject anchors/spawnpoints, now keep the same value after being rotated. Make sure you have the latest version of the 2.2 configuration for this feature.
  • Bugfix: Slope vertices with absolute heights (using parameter and flags value fields) now display properly in Visual Mode.
  • Bugfix: Selecting middle textures in Visual Mode while holding Shift no longer wraps around to the opposite side. (Backported from Ultimate Doom Builder)

Zone Builder v2.11 has just been released, with flat alignment in classic (2D) editing modes, the option to toggle backside sector slopes in Visual Mode, and two small bugfixes. Click the Download button for the updated installer!

Zone Builder v2.10 has just been released, containing updated configuration files for SRB2 2.2 and SRB2Kart 1.x, a few new features and some bugfixes. View the full changelog in the Overview section, and get the installer by clicking the fancy new Download button!