WoodMan's Discount Colors! (A new Dawn means new deals!)

[Open Assets] WoodMan's Discount Colors! (A new Dawn means new deals!) V1.2

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Psst! Hey you! Did you ever wonder why there isn't MORE Skincolors for SRB2? Well have I got a mod for you!


Robo-Hood is, in fact, an edited version of the SRB2K color

Color Roll.png

normal colors from left to right; Robo-hood, Undergrowth, Wilted, Muddy, Gourd, Abyss, Seaweed, Sewer, Gross, Bruise, Eldritch, Jester, Dawn, Fetid, Wild, Woodsy, Slotter, Acrid, Pandemic, Italian, Pizza, Colorist, Inked, Fries, Meat, and Shake
super colors from left to right; Wild Woody, Supergrowth, and True-Abyss

You can have all these WONDERFUL colors for the low low price of nothing.

Download Now!

*This skincolor pack does not include actual seaweed.
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