Whirlwind Passive

[Reusable] Whirlwind Passive v1.1

There's a post on the Suggestions thread regarding a passive ability for the Whirlwind Shield:
When a player falls into a bottomless pit with the Whirlwind Shield equipped, they get bounced up like a red spring but loose the shield in the process.

This would help new players out by giving them a 2nd chance while professional players can purposely use the recovery bounce to reach higher ledges when using vertically-challenged characters.
And so I made it as a Lua script.

Does exactly what the quote says: upon falling into a pit with the Whirlwind Shield equipped, the Shield springs you back up to the height a Red Spring sends you to.
Objectplaced a Whirlwind Shield there.

Not exactly much use outside of SOME areas of ACZ (the only zone with pits AND the Whirlwind Shield afaik, and even then there's not many of the latter), but could be cool for a custom level.
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