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I'm sure you read the title. (Versatile)Physics heavily alters the physics and base characters of SRB2. A couple things that are modified include:​
  • New Abilities for All Base Characters​
  • Mommy sonic​
  • New Colors for Each Character, and Extra Colors for Multiplayer Folks​
  • High Speed Mode​

Each character either gained an ability, or had their moveset completely changed.
For example, Sonic's moveset is different from SRB2 completely.
Instead of a regular thok, he has a jump thok (no way) and a drop dash that doesn't curl you upon hitting the ground.
But he also has a third ability, a homing attack. Bet you can guess what it does.

As shown above, each character is also equipped with a new skin color. VPhysics also comes equipped with plenty more extra colors for you to pick from in multiplayer.


Mommy Sonic:

You know what momentum is. You keep your speed when hitting the ground, real life, all that stuff.
Base SRB2 lacks this, but luckily, VPhysics adds this!
Now you can blast into a wall at high speeds!

High Speed Mode:
Speaking of high speeds, with enough speed, you're able to enter High Speed Mode.
In High Speed Mode, you earn sparkles and become invincible. With High Speed comes strong wall impacts.

VPhysics also includes a plethora of extra features not detailed, but I don't wanna to overextend this thread, I won't list the rest of them here. Have fun finding the new features yourself!
The momentum in Vphysics is a command. It is set for 0 when you load VPhysics for the first time. Do "vphymom 1" in console to get momentum. You don't need to do this again as it saves each time you load Vphysics.​
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Latest updates

  1. Fang

    Fang could jump on enemies without getting damaged. Thats the only thing I fixed lol
  2. VPhysics v3.1

    Added a new ability for Tails and Knuckles Added the ability to keep your shield in-between...
  3. v3

    See Overview

Latest reviews

what a grand return for VPhysics, a mod i genuinely did not expect to see again, especially after...over a year? god damn. i left a review before, talking about the pre-revamp version, but since it's gotten an overhaul i think a rewrite is warranted.

i won't go too far into the global changes since i'm pretty much apathetic to momentum mods at this point, but it's solid enough. i will say, though, i'm not much of a fan of preserving speed after being hurt. it's probably just because i'm used to being stopped dead in my tracks, but i feel like that allowed me to slow down and focus again after getting ahead of myself. plus, it also...doesn't result in my speed being preserved in the death state. miiiiight wanna fix that.

sonic's abilities aren't super remarkable in concept or execution, but i think enough was done with them for him to be the second most fun out of the lot. right out the gate, i think the wall climb is extremely negligible and should either be buffed or removed, since i didn't really find myself using it that much simply because it was too weak compared to the jumpthok. speaking of, the jumpthok is a quite fun headliner for sonic's moveset, and i can say the same of the homing attack and drop-out, lending themselves to quite a fun speed moveset for sonic. however, there were multiple occasions (emphasis on *multiple*) where i found myself being damaged by an enemy i was homing attacking. i know this was addressed in the thread, but i hope at least some kind of failsafe is implemented (like neo sonic has), because this is something that is 100% out of the player's control.

tails and knuckles are...weird, since it's exceedingly obvious that there weren't really any ideas for the two of them (not that that's a bad thing at all, i have idea drought all the time). i'm just kinda surprised that for as packed as sonic and metal are, that these have such little changed. tails' bomb ability feels very out of leftfield (except for the jump part, that part i like), and knuckles' abilities aren't bad, but aren't really anything to write home about.

amy and fang definitely have a bit more to talk about than tails and knuckles, but less so than sonic or metal. i think they're both a huge improvement, but with a lot of questionable design choices that leave me a little confused more than anything. for starters, i think amy's great, the double jump being fun to mess around with and the lack of a cut in speed with her hammer melee being a great touch. fang, however, is a little conflicting. i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks cork jumping as a move is a fun idea, but the fact that you can't do it without some kind of target to lock into is...interesting. not good interesting. that, and the fact that there is no kind of gun'n'run while on the ground makes fang a good character with a lot of ???????? elements to go with him.

metal sonic, however, is where i got the most fun out of the package. the rocket jump, while easily exploitable for height and busted speeds (seriously, just load up srb2thicc and button mash), is an insanely useful tool for metal, and quite a fun one at that. the mid-air spindash, as well, is something that i felt metal was always suited for, and it works really well here, making for a genuinely pretty great package. i'd say this is where the mod shines the most.

overall, this is a huge improvement over the previous releases, but what it makes up in grandeur and genuinely fun elements, it does slightly falter when the thin veil is pulled back to reveal a decent portion of jank and inexplicable design decisions. that aside, though, it's quite fun. nice work!

(also what the fuck is a mommy sonic i don't get the joke)
Thank you for the review!
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This is amazing, my friend and I played a game with these physiques and Metal sonic was very easy for us, with sonic we damaged him and with Tails he dodged his attacks.
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Very cool mod. I think Sonic's homing attack is super fluid and fast, unlike the others where it's slower. My only problem with this is when you play with Sonic & Tails. When you jump nearby tails before riding on him, he goes pretty fast. Overall, a nice job and work!
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i really didn't enjoy this mod. like, at all. the concept of it is pretty good, and i admire the thought that was put into some of the abilities but...goddamnit i didn't like any of them. let's go through my issues one by one.

- almost all sense of balance is removed with most of the characters. a vast majority of the vanilla cast now have multi-ability, which removes some of what i like about their playstyles, especially knuckles.
- what? why does pressing jump after literally any kind of vertical ascension besides jumping give you a ring? i can now literally grind for rings forever, you didn't think this one through much.

- sonic's drop peel is extremely broken. there's absolutely no reset condition or anything that makes it function like an actual drop dash. i can hold spin as long as i want and i'll keep getting drop peels whenever i land, which absolutely isn't fun. homing attack is fine, though i did find myself taking damage instead of dealing it on one occasion.

- tails' balance is also completely removed. instead of flight being slow to accommodate for the height gain, i can just hold spin constantly to get infinite speed boosts, just like the drop peel.

- knuckles' ability, i actually kind of liked, but it does the worst damage to any vanilla character. with this immense height gain, knuckles has no reason to go through any of his paths, and at that he can now just cheese through them with faster and higher height gain than any other character in the game. that, and multi-ability removes a lot of the heaviness and weight that knuckles has in the vanilla game. really didn't like what you did here.

- amy's moveset has pretty much been changed to xmomentum amy, but with a double jump instead of a thok. most of the time, i actually enjoyed amy, but she suffers from multi-ability syndrome too. she essentially becomes a spin character when you take into consideration the fact that you can just mash jump to twinspin, with no penalty or cooldown. otherwise, it's fine at best.

- fang is literally xmomentum fang, but with vanilla's momentum cutting, and with reveries' popgun momentum cut. nothing to talk about.

- metal's moveset is bizarre. for one, you use the custom buttons, which already isn't a great sign, but the boost itself really isn't fun to use. it cuts all of your momentum just to give you dashmode, which really isn't that worth it to me. otherwise he's unchanged, which i'm fine with.

overall, i really didn't enjoy this mod, what with how glitchy it could be, and with the bizarre design choices that really don't pay off.
I updated VPhysics again! If you'd like you can review it again so I can see what to improve on.
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Pretty simple, but it works. Your description -- and the gif -- for Knuckles's ability is incredibly confusing. By that I mean that it makes absolutely no sense. Fang's just seems like you asked to use Frosti's Xmom edit and did nothing else to change it whatsoever. Metal's is fine, but why do you have a button dedicated to... stopping dash mode...??? You can already end dash mode by just... y'know, skidding. Seems pointless.

But like I said, everything works and is solid otherwise.
The latest version for metal has his abilities changed. There is no "stopping dashmode" and fang's was recreated. I didnt ask for frostii's xmom fang.
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This has no download button. It can't be a W.I.P because it would be in a discussion. Cool mod, but misleading.
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Pretty Good Also I Made Something Just Like The Drop-Peel But I Called It "Drop Out"
drop-out sounds like a nice ability name, might change the name to that.
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Abilities are good I have nothing else.
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Even though I haven't tried it, it looks great, albeit fast.
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