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Hey, you, yeah you. Have you ever thought the vanilla character's abilities were too bland and tend to be unoriginal? Well, I have some funni cool message for you! This changes that, no more trash abilities! Well, kinda still has the trash abilities, but makes it more fun yay!

Introducing, (insert whatever name you tend to call it here)! This changes all of the vanilla cast's abilities and adds extra ones to other characters that have the same abilities.

Sonic no longer has thok. instead has a homing attack(thok) but no this isn't just some CA_HOMINGTHOK, it has momentum. He also has a brand new ability, This ability mixes the dropdash and the peelout, and is called "Drop-peel."


Tails ability is pretty simple, but effective. Pressing spin while flying will give him a boost. But the disadvantage is that you slowly go farther down.


Knuckles ability is complex. You will slam into the ground with rocks appear (for a split second) and you will go up in an arc.


Amy's ability is pretty straight forward, if you hold the spin button while doing your melee attack, you will burst up. You don't gain any momentum while doing it, and you will become vulnerable.


Fang has not changed from his Xmomentum counterpart. His abilities are almost relative to xmomentum.


Metal Sonic's abilities are simple, but if you know them well, overpowered.
1. Dash mode boost. Pressing C1 while in dash mode will give you a slight boost. Make sure to have enough rings, or else your rings will drain fast!


2. He has a dash mode cancel. If you press c2 while in dash mode, you will lose it. But you will also keep your momentum from the dash mode you have. Unless you regain dashmode and bump into a wall.


If you press jump while in the spring state, you will do a random state and gain a ring!


Update v2:

Momentum has been added to vbilities! Sonic's drop peel has been nerfed because of that. Also if you don't hold jump while homing attacking, you will do the regular, boring, homing attack.


Metal sonic's boost has been changed to allow you to do it anytime your on the floor, boost mode or not. Also, boost mode cancel no longer keeps your momentum, and getting hurt keeps a portion of your momentum.


Falling off a ledge has gotten tweaked, meaning you no longer do the spring state for a picosecond


Rafael patches cause Rafael is epic


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Latest reviews

This is amazing, my friend and I played a game with these physiques and Metal sonic was very easy for us, with sonic we damaged him and with Tails he dodged his attacks.
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Very cool mod. I think Sonic's homing attack is super fluid and fast, unlike the others where it's slower. My only problem with this is when you play with Sonic & Tails. When you jump nearby tails before riding on him, he goes pretty fast. Overall, a nice job and work!
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i really didn't enjoy this mod. like, at all. the concept of it is pretty good, and i admire the thought that was put into some of the abilities but...goddamnit i didn't like any of them. let's go through my issues one by one.

- almost all sense of balance is removed with most of the characters. a vast majority of the vanilla cast now have multi-ability, which removes some of what i like about their playstyles, especially knuckles.
- what? why does pressing jump after literally any kind of vertical ascension besides jumping give you a ring? i can now literally grind for rings forever, you didn't think this one through much.

- sonic's drop peel is extremely broken. there's absolutely no reset condition or anything that makes it function like an actual drop dash. i can hold spin as long as i want and i'll keep getting drop peels whenever i land, which absolutely isn't fun. homing attack is fine, though i did find myself taking damage instead of dealing it on one occasion.

- tails' balance is also completely removed. instead of flight being slow to accommodate for the height gain, i can just hold spin constantly to get infinite speed boosts, just like the drop peel.

- knuckles' ability, i actually kind of liked, but it does the worst damage to any vanilla character. with this immense height gain, knuckles has no reason to go through any of his paths, and at that he can now just cheese through them with faster and higher height gain than any other character in the game. that, and multi-ability removes a lot of the heaviness and weight that knuckles has in the vanilla game. really didn't like what you did here.

- amy's moveset has pretty much been changed to xmomentum amy, but with a double jump instead of a thok. most of the time, i actually enjoyed amy, but she suffers from multi-ability syndrome too. she essentially becomes a spin character when you take into consideration the fact that you can just mash jump to twinspin, with no penalty or cooldown. otherwise, it's fine at best.

- fang is literally xmomentum fang, but with vanilla's momentum cutting, and with reveries' popgun momentum cut. nothing to talk about.

- metal's moveset is bizarre. for one, you use the custom buttons, which already isn't a great sign, but the boost itself really isn't fun to use. it cuts all of your momentum just to give you dashmode, which really isn't that worth it to me. otherwise he's unchanged, which i'm fine with.

overall, i really didn't enjoy this mod, what with how glitchy it could be, and with the bizarre design choices that really don't pay off.
Sorry that you don't like the abilities, I have fixed Sonic's drop-peel, and i have already remade tails and metal sonic's abilities.
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Pretty simple, but it works. Your description -- and the gif -- for Knuckles's ability is incredibly confusing. By that I mean that it makes absolutely no sense. Fang's just seems like you asked to use Frosti's Xmom edit and did nothing else to change it whatsoever. Metal's is fine, but why do you have a button dedicated to... stopping dash mode...??? You can already end dash mode by just... y'know, skidding. Seems pointless.

But like I said, everything works and is solid otherwise.
The latest version for metal has his abilities changed. There is no "stopping dashmode" and fang's was recreated. I didnt ask for frostii's xmom fang.
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This has no download button. It can't be a W.I.P because it would be in a discussion. Cool mod, but misleading.
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Pretty Good Also I Made Something Just Like The Drop-Peel But I Called It "Drop Out"
drop-out sounds like a nice ability name, might change the name to that.
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Abilities are good I have nothing else.
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Even though I haven't tried it, it looks great, albeit fast.
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