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* Welcome to the Voices *

* The addon allows you to start the character voices *

* Press Custom 1 + Custom 2 and FireNormal to start there voice lines to make them talk *

The only voices that are used are:

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles Amy Rose, Metal Sonic, and Silver + Eggman and Shadow and Junio Sonic


Sorry if i don't have 6 other new ones with the gif

This can be used for fun when playing as a character, I will someday added custom characters to voice. Some not

Anyways, Enjoy this mod for fun. (I also had to reupload it 2nd time)

* Creator: Sls64LGamingBro *

* Credit to Inazuma and Lach for this SafeFreeSlot function (permission obtained):

SafeFreeslot is actually written by Lach to combat duplicate freeslots. You are perfectly fine to use it but please make sure to credit Lach!

https://mb.srb2.org/addons/shadow-the-hedgehog.517/ *
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You added my ideas nice! B)
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It's a pretty alright start for sure, but I do think it's rather lacking in content. There's only three supported characters and each one of them have a single voiceline. Sure, it might be fun to spam them but I rather have a great variety of voicelines than just saying the same one over and over again. Tails in particular has it the worst, considering his only voiceline is a bit too long in comparison to the other two. It'd also be a cute addition to have a little speech bubble or something above you when triggering this.

Nothing that updates can't fix for sure, and I do hope to see some. Welcome Aboard!
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