Thank you for 1,000 Downloads.


This is was the best I come so far.


I am also have a announcement.


Your now allowed to use Voices Mod, but in a Diferent Way.


Your gonna have use the Example Voiceline.txt to add in 3 characters.


Just remember, Add in 3 characters + sounds.


Don't also forgot to Credit of course.


That's all you need to know.


See ya!
EDIT Message: If you see what's the problem


I made mistake of doing the v1.1 because of the txt


So am sorry for you viewers if that was a mistake


Which now the txt is in the history, so go get it and have fun!


The link is here as the url ->
I didn't expect that outcome


Thanks for 3000 Views!


Am happy I got there


It's so happy to see that I got there again


I might have a second addon not public yet


I can't show you the sneak peak of it but


Who is his name exactly?


You'll have to know when this is publish


Welp that's all for me, see ya next time



- Sls64LGamingBro
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My first big update ever


Here it's v1.1 Update







There custom is Firenormal, I'll changed it to Custom 3


That's all for the update, see ya next time on another update!
Wow I never gotten this far

Anyways thanks for 1000 views!

Sorry if this is late I belive, + v1.1 will be coming soon

Which am thankful that This mod would have sucked if I made a mod that as bad

Let's see if we can get to 2,000 views on this addon

Downloads all though are gonna take a week

But anyways, thank you for 1,000 views!

See ya next time gaming bros

- Sls64LGamingBro
* Welcome to new updated on v1.0.5 *

* Here are the updates that are for today, and some not *

* + It's short, sorry if I didn't do more again. I'll make the biggest updated I can do *

* New Voices *

Amy, Metal Sonic, and Silver

* Changes *

Yes to Alright (For Sonic)

(Remember that The spam can be buggy, I can't fixed it because of another lua of the characters.)

* I don't have the gifs right now so sadly am sorry *

Anyways Thanks for reading all though, See you Next time!
Here are the v1.0.2 Updates, This is all though small.

Also sorry if I didn't added another person, also

please don't get mad at me, this is a small update

+ am bad a lua updates, so please dont' get mad

Anyways here they are!

* v1.0.2 *

* Tails Voiceline *

Removed: "iwond"

Changed: "herei"

* Others *

Added: Put Lach in the Addon Credits (which I forgot)

Thanks for reading this updated, This is my first ever updated (but it's small).

So it's just a started all though, Anyways thank you for reading!