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Here are 8 maps that I feel were worth sharing after keeping them to myself for far too long. There isn't much else to say.

-7 and a half brand new maps!
-Pretty okay fun gameplay!
-Objectively* great music
-Reverse gravity
-Questionnable anime
*if you don't like it you literally have no taste

  • All maps:
    • Removed booster lights.
  • Dimension Disaster:
    • Removed spring pads on the first ramp.
  • Flipgoop Station:
    • Players are now all forced into the same path which is randomly chosen each lap. The same path may be chosen multiple times in a row. This hopefully adresses concerns about the lack of player interaction in the map.
  • Scarlet Gardens:
    • Drastic performance improvements
    • Added Fysis Oikein Eidolon (The last word doesn't qualify!?)
  • Zoned City:
    • Undrivable areas are now marked as death pits.
  • Frozen Production:
    • Updated textures to fix rendering issues in OpenGL shaders branches
  • Skyscraper Leaps:
    • Updated wall textures to make the shape of the track easier to identify.
    • Fixed a missing texture near the end of the lap
  • Monochrome Rift:
    • Moved to Map Hell due to "popular" demand.

Emergency patch to fix compability issues that arose with DPak from changing some skynums around

Holy shit I released 2.2 before Vanilla did, bow to me mortals
  • Removed the experimental Lua, because as if with anything experimental it goes wrong (so slopes in other stages won't break anymore)
  • Fixed Scarlet Gardens' sky replacing Grand Metropolis'

  • All Speed Pads are now fullbright and have translucent midtextures around them to make them easily visible, with the exception of Midnight Channel where the colormap makes translucency look quite horrible
    • The invisible walls are now also death pits so you can no longer drive on them
    • Fixed a missing texture
    • The 2nd item set now has more item boxes.
    • EXPERIMENTAL: Added a script that should prevent Players from getting stuck inside the last slope should they bump a wall at high speeds. This does not only apply to Frozen Production, but was made for it
    • Removed the Boost Pads in the first shortcut so it can't be cheesed anymore
    • Fixed some leftover back midtextures from a billboard having the wrong offsets
    • Fixed a minor slimetrail
    • Arrows now have more contrasting colours to be more easily noticeable
    • Removed the last shortcut as it was too strong this late into the map
    • Fixed the last set of Boost Pads sometimes not triggering because of slope jank

  • Sloped all Spring Pads to make them easier to see
  • Patched numerous unintentional shortcuts (notably in Dimension Disaster)
  • Added Scarlet Gardens, Zoned City, Frozen Production, Skyscrapper Leaps and Monochrome Rift

    • Actually fixed GBJ near the start. For real this time. Now leave me alone

    • The last shortcut no longer misses an item set.
    • Some arrows were moved for better directionning.
    • Removed the spring pad and the first shortcut it leads to.
    • To compensate, the Bumper fence was made shorter to allow cutting through offroad with sneakers.
    • Added death pits to out of bound areas in case players somehow get stuck there.
    • The goop and the nets are now way closer to each other in many spots which should prevent GBJ scenarios.
  • Mayonaka MK.II now replaces Midnight Channel
  • Midnight Channel has been moved to Map Hell under the name "Midnight Channel Classic"

Initial release

And here are the maps:

Mayonaka: Mark 2

My 2nd take at Midnight Channel. This version features quite a lot of improvements alongside a layout change for the second half of the track, and a lighter fog in hopes to make it play better. This was done to answer the many complaints I kept getting on the map, hopefully I succeeded in adressing them. This will eventually replace the Midnight Channel currently in the vanilla game.

Dimension Disaster K

A map themed after my special stage KAWAIII entry. A pretty simplistic layout with hopefully visuals that stand up for it! I wanted to give this thing some credit because I really liked how good the special stage variant turned out visually.

Flipgoop Station K

Flipgoop Station was originally a map I made for some old, old OLDC and somehow won in spite of its terrible visual appeal. The gimmick, was of course, goop that flipped you upside down. So I wanted to also incorporate this idea in Kart. ...Which led to me having to fix the fact that literally nothing worked properly in reverse gravity. The track was supposed to be more ambitious but I ended up keeping it simple for the sake of my sanity.
I'm really happy how the second U-turn where you can drive ontop of another flipped player turned out, it's got to be the highlight of this map!

Scarlet Gardens

A love letter to .Jazz.'s KAWAIII map, and an attempt at making a 5 lapper. Since the map was small and overall barely took any time to make I tried to focus more on the visual appeal. ...I'm pretty sure the owner of this garden is going to notice the kart races happening every now and then sooner or later and come pay a visit.

Zoned City

Based straight out of Wipeout 2048's Zone mode, Zoned City takes a minimalist visual aproach and a simple layout for what may be the most fluid map of this pack gameplay-wise!

Frozen Production

Race in an old abandonned factory in a cold winter (?) night, but watch out for the Frost Thrusters, getting caught in their breath will freeze you! Mash any button 5 times to break out before you slip to your certain demise... Although sometimes you might find being frozen advantageous.

Skyscrapper Leaps

Jump from a skyscrapper to another at dawn, a sure way to awaken every inhabitant trying to sleep. Remember that drift sparks can be charged in mid-air if you jumped from a Spring Pad!

Monochrome Rift

An old city, partly broken, and its colours sucked out... make for a pretty challenging fun track! Your ability to aim your drifts over gaps will be tested here, so pay attention to which exact way arrows are facing, and look at your minimap to know what your optimal aproach should be if you're unfamiliar with the layout.

I have more map ideas that I may or may not tackle in the future.
Please do leave feedback here or on the Kart Krew Discord, it's always great to have some to help doing better! :)
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What really stands out about this pack is the tendency to put interesting mechanics at the front and centre.
Flipgoop and the 2 drift-store maps can get quite mixed reactions, but I find they offer a fun break from standard racing.
I enjoy all of these maps, the only section I still struggle a bit with is the flat part of dimenstion disaster with all the small 90 degree turns and oil pits - so i've learnt one line and I stick to it.
While visually distinctive I do think the maps can feel a bit bare at times. For some maps this feels like appropriate minimalism, but for others (.e.g flipgoop and frozen production) it just leaves them feeling a bit empty.
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Aparte Cup (although literally everyone I know just calls it latpack lol) is a pack of some seriously solid maps. The kicker for me personally is that it updates Midnight Channel to come much more in line with recent expectations from Lat.

The maps in Aparte Cup have some really cool gimmicks and themes, notably Skyscraper Leaps' sort of 80's Training Montage vibe, Frozen Production's extremely fun ice cube Lua, and Monochrome Rift's color changes per-lap.

If I had to critiscize anything, it's that some of these maps feel like they were designed *exclusively* for normal speed. I know hard speed is supposed to be, well, hard, but it's really easy to go flying off the ramps in Monochrome Rift trying to drift store, or bonk the wall in Scarlet Gardens. Maybe I just suck, who knows.

Either way, this is a must-have map pack IMO. It easily includes some of the most fun and interesting gimmicks in the entire map pool.
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A fantastic set of maps, They all play well and feel fun to play on.

Flipgloop and Zoned city is crazy good, the later being extremely simple layout wise and cool looking LOL
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