What really stands out about this pack is the tendency to put interesting mechanics at the front and centre.
Flipgoop and the 2 drift-store maps can get quite mixed reactions, but I find they offer a fun break from standard racing.
I enjoy all of these maps, the only section I still struggle a bit with is the flat part of dimenstion disaster with all the small 90 degree turns and oil pits - so i've learnt one line and I stick to it.
While visually distinctive I do think the maps can feel a bit bare at times. For some maps this feels like appropriate minimalism, but for others (.e.g flipgoop and frozen production) it just leaves them feeling a bit empty.
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Aparte Cup (although literally everyone I know just calls it latpack lol) is a pack of some seriously solid maps. The kicker for me personally is that it updates Midnight Channel to come much more in line with recent expectations from Lat.

The maps in Aparte Cup have some really cool gimmicks and themes, notably Skyscraper Leaps' sort of 80's Training Montage vibe, Frozen Production's extremely fun ice cube Lua, and Monochrome Rift's color changes per-lap.

If I had to critiscize anything, it's that some of these maps feel like they were designed *exclusively* for normal speed. I know hard speed is supposed to be, well, hard, but it's really easy to go flying off the ramps in Monochrome Rift trying to drift store, or bonk the wall in Scarlet Gardens. Maybe I just suck, who knows.

Either way, this is a must-have map pack IMO. It easily includes some of the most fun and interesting gimmicks in the entire map pool.
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A fantastic set of maps, They all play well and feel fun to play on.

Flipgloop and Zoned city is crazy good, the later being extremely simple layout wise and cool looking LOL
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