Ultimate Zone Builder

Ultimate Zone Builder 0.7c

Basically the original zone builder but if it was more glitchy I swear it's hard to make levels on this I could just use the original this be fine not be rude but I think it Need some improvements Alexa there was some stuff added
I give it a 3/5
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The transition to UDMF from normal Zone Builder was surprisingly easy to do albeit a tad confusing at first. While this may be one of the reasons my maps havent been updated yet, I do enjoy using UZB more than regular ZB, and I recommend people who are still using ZB to give UZB a go as it makes things so much easier.
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Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
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With the new editor being ready for prime time, I have officially retired the use of the original Zone Builder for good.

I have been using UZB ever since it was first introduced on the Discord and even then, it made an entire host of operations such as defining slopes and creating Poly Objects actually fun to do. Now it is even better, and, in my opinion, there is not really a place for Binary in SRB2 anymore (save for editing the campaign's maps or older maps in general).

Those who still use Zone Builder standard should get started with this right away, because for starters you will find that a surprising amount of knowledge will transfer over since basic operations remain similar.
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Alright! Now all I need to do is learn how to make FOFs here and I'll be golden for levels!
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Using UZB after using ZB for a long time is like breathing fresh air, it's a lot more easy (Especially with the fact you can now bind several tags to one sector) than ZB while also offering a lot more options.

It also makes using slopes fun, which I already think is a great improvement.
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Been using it for quite some time now, good to see this released for everyone else in the MB. a big step up from Zone Builder and the best way to build zones for SRB2
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Awesome and very powerful tool for creating UDMF maps, now waiting for version 1.0!
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Its the ultimate mapping tool currently for SRB2!

I hope we can slowly introduce more UDMF features such as wall brightness to effectively have better directional lighting.

One thing, probably not an issue for UZB but SRB2 mainly, hit boxes when you scale objects. In 2.2.13, you can scale objects but the hitbox doesn't seem to always be consistent with the scale (looking at diagonal springs mostly).
The Scale field when editing things only affects sprite scale, as that's what that field was originally intended for.

For now, if you want to change the object scale of a thing, go to the Custom tab and add a "mobjscale" property with the desired decimal value. It's a bit more cumbersome, but Visual Mode does already reflect this.

There will likely be a dedicated field for object scale in the future, once the rendering scale field has its bugs worked out.
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Not only is UDMF mapping slightly less annoying to deal with, UZB lets me make custom objects that take custom arguments from the start of the map instead of having to fiddle with the map header or auxiliary lines/objects.

This is THE mapping tool.
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You're doing God's work here - the work on this tool and SRB2's implementation of UDMF is one of the best things to happen to modders around here. Thank you, binary had a good run.
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a huge improvement over the original zone builder
i enjoy how multi tagging isnt as monotonous anymore
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