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The 10th racer of the pack, its Armin Chesterfield from Treasure Tech. A Treasure hunter-commando with an affinity for, well, treasure. After rumors of treasures hidden on the race tracks, he took up kart racing because he wasn't allowed to step on the tracks by foot, but now seems to enjoy it as a side gig. Similar to Doom guy, he's incredibly mobile, if not more so. As such, he's sporting 9/7 stats. Watch yourself if you cross him on your path. (By the way you sould totally check out the Treasure Tech Land demo sometime, its really worth it)
In addition to this, multiple other characters were updated, most notably Engineer, a bit more detail is available in the update tab.


Individual character WADs are available in a zip, as well as a pk3 containing all characters.

Character info :
- Glover
Glover is from a platformer of the same name released back in 1998 on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The game got generally positive reviews on N64 and PC, while the PS release wasn't received well. A sequel was planned but cancelled.

With 3/5 stats, i wanted to give it the feel of playing the game : kind of slow but good control.

- Bill Board
Bill is one of the signs encountered in Super Mario Galaxy. This is the only one of the named signs you encounter twice in the game, meaning he is capable of many things we probably don't know.

So how does he drive a kart ?
That's a good question.
Stats are 3/8. Now if you excuse me, i am going to get away from him before anything super natural happens.


- Soldier
Soldier is one of the 9 classes in Team Fortress 2. His acceleration isn't that good, but his speed and weight can prove to be dangerous.

With 7/7 stats, you should probably have a helmet of your own when he's around.

- Chex Warrior
Chex Warrior, also known as Fred Chexter, is the protagonist of the Chex Quest series. The original games were modifications of Doom. Now Chex Quest has an HD remake, so he talks now.

Stats are 6/8. Don't let the impractical looking suit deceive you, he knows what he's doing.

- Engineer
Engineer is one of the 9 classes from Team Fortress 2. A rather balanced class, however, you should never underestimate what he's capable of doing.

Stats are 5/6. You best hope he isn't aiming at you.

- Gladiator (Swords And Sandals)
The Gladiator is from the Swords And Sandals series, based off the default appearance. After his ship had crashed, he had drifted onwards across the sea for 3 days. It was then he arrived upon the racetrack, and thus, filled with a desire for speed and glory, his days as a racer began.

Stats are 4/7. A rather defensive type, he's sure to get back up from a mean hit or two.

- Necromancer (Castle Crashers)
The Necromancer is one of the antagonists of Castle Crashers. Arguably the strongest foe in the game. Extremely agile, he's capable of dealing serious damage to those who oppose him.

Stats are 9/4. Your best chance is to exploit his defenses, if you can even hit him.

- Samuel Hayden
Samuel Hayden is a supporting character first appearing in DOOM (2016). Chairman of the UAC, he makes for a formidable foe. After all, he did turn himself into a robot to become immortal.

Stats are 1/9. Being a 3 meter tall robot does have its advantages, but also drawbacks.

- Matt (Wii series)
Matt is a mii appearing in various wii titles, mainly Wii Sports and Wii sports Resort. Champion in Boxing and Swordplay, adept in Basketball and table tennis, Matt is a physical powerhouse. Whatever you do, never let your guard down against him.

Stats are 9/9, do you have what it takes to take him on?

- Armin Chesterfield (Treasure Tech)
Armin Chesterfield is the protagonist from Treasure Tech. A Treasure hunter-commando with an affinity for, well, treasure. After rumors of treasures hidden on the race tracks, he took up kart racing because he wasn't allowed to step on the tracks by foot, but now seems to enjoy it as a side gig.

Stats are 9/7, similar to Doom guy, he's incredibly mobile. Watch yourself if you cross him on your path.
And with that, i hope you enjoy.
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