Twins' Alternate Shield Abilities

Twins' Alternate Shield Abilities v1.1

(if you wish to reuse this in any way shape or form, you're gonna have to ask for permission first, you can do this my pm-ing me on the mb or dm-ing me on discord (Twins'R'Okay#5238))

My first lua script lmao.

This script replaces the three shield abilities I personally find the least useful in the vanilla game with something cooler. :threat:

Force Shield Ability:
Force Switch
Press the button to reverse your current falling speed, gives you a little extra height on top of it.

Armageddon Shield Ability:
Burst Thok
Hold the button down to build up energy, and let go of it to release a powerful thok. The longer you hold it, the further you fly.

Hold it down for too long, and the shield explodes! Destroying every badnik around it, as well as yeeting you in the process.

Elemental Shield Ability:
Dash Bounce
Press the button to yeet yourself to the floor, with the resulting bounce giving you some decent height.
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Latest updates

  1. you now shouldn't turn into a rocket anymore when using the armageddon shield lmoa

    damn armageddon shields turning people into rockets Changelog: * Fixed Armageddon Shield...

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These abilities are a blast to play through. I honestly think they are great abilities that can help you go through levels quickly. However, I think the Elemental Shield's new ability is overpowered (especially underwater). I think nerfing it and properly scaling it underwater could do the ability justice. Also, the force shield was made to make platforming easier for players, so maybe you should design the shield around that? Overall, I recommend this mod to anyone who finds these shields underwhelming.
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