Three Seven Speedway from Daytona USA

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Three Seven Speedway from DAYTONA USA

Three Seven Speedway (Beginner Course) is a track of one game called Daytona USA, an arcade game released by SEGA AM2 in 1993, on their powerful model 2 machine. The track consists on a semi oval that has three turns in total.

This track is best played with Slipstream, due to its abundant straights and lack of corners.

The track has been completely reworked from the ground up

Thank you all for helping me on the Srb2 kart discord server.

V1.1:Corrected HOM and converted the music to .ogg format
V2.0 :Added more mountains, made the track into 8 laps (Like the original daytona),added Kartkrew sign, removed some item boxes and separating some,and finally added a shortcut
V2.1: Compatible with daytonakart, with adequate difficulty
V3.0: Its a .pk3 file now! Sonic is now present for the race, it has a rolling start, like in the original DAYTONA USA and added a Nights sign.
v3.1: Fixed the rolling start, Note that it is still in beta this function, so errors may occur
Complete Revamp

V4.0 Map has been rebuilt from the ground up
V4.0.1 Checkpoints and Waypoints were fixed
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Latest updates

  1. V4.0.1 Hotfix

    Ok, this time for real the waypoints and checkpoints all work the way they're intended to
  2. Complete Revamp!

    The Track has been Re Built from the ground up, its much better than it used to be, wonky...

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A neat recreation, it's a short course with a lot of laps but I could definitely see it being fun with a group of players. The split path of taking the long route with boosts or the pit lane with the item box is really interesting. My only complaint is a small one: please correct the spelling of Beginner in the track's subtitle! :)
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