Whilst revisiting old versions of Office, I got reminded of the "assistants" that used to exist in Office pre-2003... and that led me to searching for the "agents" that had been utilized back in the day. If you remember BonziBuddy, the technology for the monkey started with those assistants!
New features characters! There wasn't a lot of frames to work with, so keep that in mind.
  • Robby the Robot hovers in with his jetpack. With below-average speed and maximum weight, it reflects the old interactive cybernetic assistant well.
  • Hate Clippy? Well, he's actually called Clippit, and he's here either way. This time, you will have to really fight with him. Slightly faster than Robby, he's actually quite light. I am not responsible for where you take the extra handling.
  • A compliment to Windows XP also borks his way over - Rover the Dog! Harnessing the power of search, he now joins the racing on a floating folder that may or may not contain quite a bunch search queries for historical purposes. Similiar to Clippit in speed, he's slightly above-average weight due to the formerly mentioned folder. Lack of decent source frames kinda hurt this skin.
Robby, Clippit and Rover do not have any Lua associated with them and they will have their own sub-pack in the .zip.
  • Windows 8.x/10 now has similiar weight as XP/Knuckles, but the max speed took a change to 8. Speedy, but no longer as heavy.
  • Windows Vista/7 only gained a weight point. Speed remains unchanged.
Hope you enjoy the update. Report any bugs, errors and/or give suggestions for stats in the discussion thread. Kart on, friends!
Seems that the SPB check had a typo for which sounds to check against for the regular Worms skin in the LUA, causing the wrong sound to repeat wildly. (Note that this only affected the full KCL pack.)
  • Now the SPB check should be correct for each skin. Damn you, typos!
  • Windows Classic also had an misalignment in one of the frames - that also has been fixed.
More versions of Windows are now available to race with!
  • XP is a balanced character (similiar to Knuckles) - if you got the right hardware, it won't give you up that easily.
  • Vista/7 are a bit heavier, but their maximum speed is also slightly increased. 7 did bring native TRIM support for SSDs, after all.
  • Similiar to Vista/7, 8.x/10 are also heavier, albeit focusing more on acceleration due to boot optimizations.
  • Windows Classic didn't escape unchanged - now balanced speed-wise, as well as losing 1 weight point.
As for the Worms?
  • A minute change to the icons had occured - their backgrounds now being white instead of transparent.

Hope you enjoy the update!
Actually getting the files to show up.
First, there was the Worm... now, a system that those games ran upon is in as well - Windows flies in with a computer of its' own. Experience the instability weight of the pre-2000 era!
  • Thread changed to an overall pack. Worms has not been updated, though it has been slipstreamed into a pack where you'll find both Worms and Windows, with LUA or without!
  • Both feature the SPB warning sound in their respective .lua versions.
  • The regular Worms skin felt incomplete and more difficult to recognise the color, aside from the kart.
    • Now he has a recolorable health bar with a vertical gradient!
  • Since both skins utilize the same soundbank, there's now an extra sound for when an SPB is after you!
    • Thanks to Bartman3010 for the assistance on the .lua for this, as it puzzled me why it wouldn't work exactly as how I intended it to.
    • A version without the script will be also provided, if you need that instead.


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