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This pack of overly niche racers started out as me messing around in Asesprite during a summer heat wave, but after a while it ended up becoming a fun side project from the usual video projects I do.
After making 4 characters during the last 4 months of 2020, I've decided to try my hand at a character pack and release them to the wild.​

Mr Chaos

Speed - 4
Weight - 3

MS Paint Incarnate has entered the scene, as this alleged “villain” from “Sonic: How It Really Began” takes center stage. With his rainbow colour scheme and stats chosen by Google’s number generator (which just so happen to add to up to 7), he’s going to make Sega “hire this man”….somehow!
To take advantage of his 2 toned coat, secondcolor support has been added for customizing its colour scheme to your liking.

Yooka Laylee*

Speed - 3
Weight - 7

Big Bird’s blue cousin known for his work on “Sonic Overture” and “Sonic Utopia”, has grown tired of the below average driving he’s been witnessing in these Kart compilation videos. So he decided it was up to him to show everyone how it’s done. He may not be the fastest racer but if you use your drift boost momentum to your advantage, you’ll be able to pull through in no time.
* = Not the lizard and the bat, this Youtube video got the name for “The Great Lange” mixed up with the name of that game and we’re just rolling with it for the giggles.

Goombert DX

Speed - 2
Weight - 6

The goomba known for questioning Mario’s whizzing habits, was seen in a kart back in the early days of 1.0’s modding scene by another user, though he looked a rather “JPEG-ey” back then. After the original Goombert was shortly lost to time for 2 years, he has been remade from the ground up with freshly drawn sprites, a bigger variety of voice lines, no more conflictions with Mit’s Goombakart, and the ability to be any colour he wishes.
Some people may ask if I was out of my freaking mind when making this, and to that I reply….maybe.
Parental Warning: The lad swears a lot


Speed - 7
Weight - 9

A special rock from the hit SAGE 2014 Act 1 game "DA ROCK", has returned from the ashes of the Yoyogames Sandbox with a driving license. He might share Sonic’s speed but with him being well….a rock, he’s unbelievably heavy so don’t expect to pull donuts so easily.
Parental Warning: DA ROCK holds a cigar while drifting and the gloat is the “Smoke Weed Everyday” meme in reference to the invincibility power up from DA ROCK’s game.

Sunky (Sunky The Game)

Speed - 2
Weight - 8

In a sea of Sonic the Hedgehog variants, here comes a small hedgehog with a puffy cheek, who’s known for occasionally “sunk”-ing in the form of dance moves. Unlike the other million Sonics, this lad is remarkably slow and quite heavy for his size, but that does come with its advantages of faster acceleration, quick drift spark-age and easily bumping your copy of *insert bad Sonic game here* into the Toxic Palace Zone.

Mr Chaos' voice clips: Ringo Starr's narration of Thomas the Tank Engine
Yooka Laylee/Lange's voice clips: Lange Plays Sonic 1 & 2
Goombert's voice clips: "Mario Pissing"
DA ROCK's voice clips: Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Generations, Snoop Dog and the theme for Thomas the Tank Engine
Sunky sound clips: Hanna Barbara Sound Library, Paper Mario, Sonic Rush (E3 Beta), Super Mario Bros 2, Spongebob Laugh

Special Thanks:
fickleheart – For creating KartMaker
Kíbito Áyame – For the asymmetrical template for KartMaker on the Kart Krew Discord (It helped a ton while creating Mr Chaos and Lange)
Lach – Creating the “secondcolor” lua
VAdaPEGA – Kindly providing most of the sound clips used for Goombert DX
Saturn’s Rings (@SaturnsRings3) – For inspiring the idea of Mr Chaos in Kart and in turn this character pack
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