What's this? A pack solely dedicated to racers in the "Mini Kart"? Yeah.

Welcome to the Mini Racer Pack, where the smallest of dreams become reality. Here you'll find some of the smallest racers ever to grace SRB2Kart with more to come, hopefully.

For a more in-depth explanation on how the pack was conceived, refer to the spoiler below:
If you haven't noticed by now, smaller racers driving in the mini kart are much, much rarer than racers in the standard, full size kart. In an effort to clean up the main character pack I develop (since it contained only one mini kart racer and was getting quite big with its racer count, reaching around 25 racers total), I decided that along with producing another mini kart racer to go with it, I separate the sole minikart racer of my pack and place it into its own pack with other racers that also rode in the minikart.

With that out of the way, onto the roster.


  • Bullet Kin (Enter the Gungeon)-
    (character audio supplied by D00D64)
    The first minikart racer I produced in Spring 2019; you may remember him from the SJBCP that it initially occupied. For a while, I had planned to move Bullet Kin to a separate project- with this mini racer pack being that very project and letting it shine on its own without the bigger cast to contrast to. Of course you can't really call it a pack without more racers so in came...
  • The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy)-
    This is it, the big exclusive to the Mini Racer Pack I mentioned a few times elsewhere, and after a small wait he's finally ready. Styled after his ingame sprites (hence the choice of using the mini kart), the Kid should be a bit more durable here than in his game of origin, but his light-er, nonexistant weight will make him easy bait for the larger cast members of Kart.
  • Penguin Bomber (Sonic Triple Trouble)-
    My contribution to last year's CCCP, birthed from an injoke made by SRB2Kart itself (get two wanted racers during a Battle match and look closely at the lower right of the -WANTED- poster), this is an attempt to turn what is otherwise a small cameo in Kart and a badnik that only appears in one zone of one game into a fully playable racer. Needless to say it's pretty fast and light and if that wasn't enough, it's got a sound engine ripped right out of a Game Gear.
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