Mega Paint Drive

[Open Assets] Mega Paint Drive v3.1a

Welcome to the Mega-Paint Drive. Here you’ll find 344 extra skincolors available for your favorite characters.

This pack includes an assortment of original skincolors and several ported/remade from Kart, in addition to colors from the “Collabcolors” exe mod for SRB2Kart by Xkower. Skinolors ported from Kart and Collabcolors are not replicas of the originals and if the name of the original color was taken by another color either by Vanilla or another color unique to the Mega Paint Drive, the color is given a different name (what you know as “Maroon” has become ‘Devil”, as an example). This pack was designed around being as close to a “Collabcolors but for Vanilla” as one could realistically get.

A partial preview of the pack's contents can be viewed in the attachments. Because of the number of colors included in the full pack, the pack is available in two formats. The standard Mega Paint Drive file contains the original 213 skincolors initially featured in Version 1 of the pack, while the Mega Paint Drive Complete contains 131 additional skincolors added in Version 2 and Version 3 of the collection, totaling to 344 skincolors.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 3.1a

    With the color Mahogany now taken by a character mod, the Mahogany color in this pack has been...
  2. Version 3.1

    Minor tweaks to existing colors to improve their ramps Orchid renamed to Horizon to resolve a...
  3. Version 3

    Further tweaks various skincolors to improve their ramps and increase accuracy to some of the...

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its a beautiful color that i ever seen in my whole life but the main problem is:
the new waves lua seems to be broke and gave an lua warning, but still amazing :)
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Pertect Mod Superjustinbros
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