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KANZAKI-PAK is a stage pack I made in my spare time

Steampunk Garden (MAPW0)
3 Laps


(A stage taking place on a steampunk castle filled with flora and fauna set above the clouds.)

Sakura Serenity Zone (MAPW1)
3 Laps


(A stage taking place on top of the high mountains filled with shrine gates, bamboos and surrounded by cherry trees.)

Mayship Marine Zone (MAPW2)
3 Laps


(A stage taking place on a sea base of operation under the bright sky, arrived via ... Dolphin Airship!?)

Molten Mankind Zone (MAPW3)
3 Laps


(A stage taking place on a ironwork/shipment facility built on top of the high canyons under the hot sun.)

Outset Broadcast (MAPW4)
4 Laps


(A stage taking place on an abandoned TV broadcasting building in the middle of the desert...)


FaytxStay/Diggle - For helping and supporting me on mapping
Mr.Logan - LUA Freeslotting Shi-Springs
JugadorXEI - Friction Fix and No Water-Hop LUA Scripts
Ashnal - Floating Item Pickups LUA, The New Adjustable Shi-Spring

Community Resources - For the used asset.
Kart Krew Community/NVJR/Kart'R'Us/KCS - Public Testing for maps and Feedback.
ChuppoMijitzu - Major Support hand on stage creation.

Haya -
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Latest reviews

Outset Broadcast Zone is a bit buggy, because there is an invisible wall blocking my way near the beginning, but otherwise it's an awesome mod!
Where exactly?
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A small, simple and good-looking track pack, I like it, both of the current maps (especially Sakura Serenity) have super pretty looking visuals that aren't too distracting while still making the tracks look more stylish than your average track, as well as the addition of blue spheres to make the races more fast-paced and interesting, only concern would be the lack of a real challenge as both tracks show themselves pretty easy in difficulty, while this itself may not be that big of an issue, on small player-count matches it can really make them sort of boring.

So far, one of the better packs I've played. Can't wait to see what's in store for the next versions.
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Wow, what a blast.

Outset Broadcast Zone is incredibly spectacular, as well as having great music.

And Sakura Serenity Zone is beautiful with excellent music too. I have some minor concerns about the lack of signals in some turns, but otherwise, both maps are great.
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This was a really chill track to play on!

Directioning was good all round and the visuals were different enough to make the level feel unique WITH out being too distracting.

I do wish the Sneaker panels textures where consistent... as you use both in this level. Whilst red fits nicely with the textures used they aren't full-bright like the green ones which I felt would help so much more in sneaker panel visibility.

Speaking of visibility the inside areas are quite difficult to see, The simple layout does counter act this however so i wont knock on it too hard - prehaps in the more open section i can see some confusion.
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