Hey everyone, I have come to bring you an update (that I'm actually proud of!).
  • Sakura Serenity Zone is now a 3-lap race
  • Brand new Blue Spheres sprites!
  • The pack will use it's own dedicated color palette
  • Added a new stage - Mayship Marine Zone
    (A stage taking place on a sea base of operation under the bright sky, arrived via ... Dolphin Airship!?)
Hiya mates, I just recently made a new stage but instead of making another addon thread, i decided to turn this addon into a pack.
  • The addon is now called KanzakiPak.
  • Small changes in files within the addon...
  • Added a new stage - Sakura Serenity Zone
    (a stage taking place at the mountains filled with bamboos and surrounded by cherry trees...)
Updated to v1.1...
  • Adjusted the dark rooms's signs to make it more visible for players..
  • Added a couple of horizontal springs at the last dark room.
  • Red sneaker panels has been replaced with green ones for consistency.
  • A lot of "minor" changes to the visuals.
  • Reshaped the bottom path.
  • Moved the bottom path's yellow horizontal springs to prevent trapping players.
  • Some GFX changes.