So awesome. The time it released the MB crashed for a lot of people (i did get it though)

we bill
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Oh, man. Oh, man oh man oh man... You don't know how much I love this. I've never seen so much love and effort put towards a character pack. It's been a long time coming, I've been aware, and even without being aware it was going to be a thing, you can just naturally tell how much time they put into this. A lot.

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Every character is fun to play, but Espio has a annoying bug, If you have the elemental shield and you do your ability, the framerate starts dropping, other than that the mod is great.
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SUCH AN AMAZING MOD!!! I didn't expect to have as much fun as I had each character is fun to play as and have very fun mechanics that can be used very well I highly recommend this
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I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A NEW CHAOTIX AND IT'S HERE! Seriously this is awesome, or "Wonderful!" (Mario Wonder Reference). Hopefully Jeck notices this and models it.
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10/10 this is epic. everyone has a cool playstyle and it's incredible you delivered 6 damn chars
if i reviewed everyone this would make the page hella long so im not doing that. go play this for yourself and you'll see
i will talk a bit about espio though. focus shift is more speed based but you can aim it upwards (it's not all speed) and kinda homing attack enemies
what more do i need to say? it's the chaotix
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This is phenomenal. I am just speechless about how good this is. They all control like butter (Including Heavy), The sprite work feels right at home with the vanilla game, And there is surprisingly not a single frame drop. Meaning the code has been handled well, Too. This might be my Knuckles Chaotix bias showing, But this mod is up there with ChrispyChars and Mario Bros as one of my favorite mods on the MB!
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The SRB2MB never fails to amaze me. Every incredible mod I play outplays the other. I have no words, not two but SIX whole characters that give so much life and fit with SRB2. I love you Team Combi-Rings.

I would sacrifice my blood for you, I'd be your best man at your wedding. I'm not joking when I say this is the best mod. So much love and care was put into this. Plus playable Vector, and I can write a whole thesis statement on why I love Vector and the rest of the cast as the fact.

I thank you for your contributions to society. It'd be cool to see SRB2P support as well since this looks like a JRPG party itself but that's just me talking since I love this mod and the dev team soooo much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Did I say how I love how everyone plays? I did? Well here I am again! I LOVE IT! THANK YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!
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Ok guys, now this is chaotix.
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This pack is amazing! Every character plays extremely well, even Heavy and Bomb, who play drastically differently that I thought they would, but it still fits~!
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This mod is awesome, I love the title screen music, The ideas for the abilities, It's all awesome I have no words for this mod, It's amazing.
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This mod is the best thing that has happened in a long time, or at least for me...
Honestly it's pretty good, it's incredibly elaborate and I love everything it contains, sprites, abilities, winks and so on.
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Every character's control is unique and good, and it is so good to play with each character.
I'm just kinda sad about 2 things... And those things are about Espio.
Well, it'll sound dumb, but I kinda miss the old sprites from his standalone release, it could have some kinda command in the console to get them back. I know the new sprites are much better, but would be cool having the option to get old sprites (I got used to them).
Okay, the second thing is his character slot. I know Espio is kinda the star of the show, but why Mighty is putting him away from his team (Charmy and Vector), I mean Mighty is kinda like the second main character (It's not like it's official, or something like this, but that's how I see things).
In Chaotix (JP Name of the game) the order of the characters in the character select screen is: Knuckles > Mighty > Espio > Charmy > Vector
This mod could be the same, and I know it's a minor thing, but it kinda gets me wondering if that could be more accurate to the Chaotix game XD.

Anyway, I LOVE THIS MOD, every single sprite is beautiful, and every single character is fun to play. I can't wait to see what's coming next. You guys are awesome, I'm a great fan of your work.
Team Combi-Rings
Team Combi-Rings
Mighty being in the second slot is actually fully intentional and is its own reference. Instead of being based on the character select screen, it is based on the Chaotix title card when you enter a level.
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This. Mod. Is. PHENOMENAL.

The only gripes I have with it regard Mighty's moveset. You have to be holding Jump when you want to Wall Cling, which was very hard to get used to, and it's also the same button the Hammer Drop uses, so if you accidentally press it too early you go plummeting to your doom. I'd recommend remapping Hammer Drop to Spin and making the Wall Cling activate regardless of whether or not you're holding Jump.

Also, his Megaton Punch doesn't work on Badniks. I know, I know, it's for Battlemod, you're meant to hit other players with it.. but sometimes you just wanna launch a Crawla into oblivion, you know?

Another thing which isn't exactly a problem, more of a suggestion, is to add downloads for individual characters, rather than forcing you to have them all, kind of like a Kart pack. I downloaded this mod for Mighty alone, and I'm sure some others might want just one character that's their favorite. Again, just a suggestion.
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Going to put this in sections as each character is a unique playstyle (spoiler: im not gonna call the abilities by their actual names because i forgot them, sorry :P)
starting with..
His moveset is similar to that of Junio Sonic with a hint of Shadow, as the teleport is aimable though most wont know unless told. It would be nice for him to get a camera control option if possible. Everything else is literally one of the better movesets i've seen since Modern Sonic and Mario Bros. Not much to say about his sprites as they're almost all the same as the previous Espio, but they're still good, so don't fix whats already working.

Theres not much to say here, he has quite a simple moveset consisting of a slam and walljump. The walljump is based off of momentum, though that means that if you dont time it correctly he can drop way down, which brings me to the slam and well.. It's alright, i guess. It works well but quite annoying when you want to walljump as they're both bound to jump. It would be nice for the slam to have an alt bind option. His sprites are really well made, too.

The smallest character of the pack, but my second favourite moveset. His moveset is mostly movements in air, with an upwards move and a downwards move. The upwards move is based off of your direction, without moving it bursts straight up but with moving it goes diagonal. The downwards move works the same, but points downwards instead and has you bounce off of the ground afterwards. Overall, his sprites arent the best i've seen but they're still pretty well made with being so small.

A larger character that cant easily go into small crevices while rolling, but much more balanced between aerial and grounded speed and height. His roll acts like an accelerate than an actual roll, having much more control than the original roll that Sonic and co have. It can drift slightly, and turn too, making it one of vectors most useful abilities, right next to his wallbounce ability, which can bounce off of walls infinitely but only if timed correctly as you have to hold down and let go at the correct time to trick and chain more bounces. Fail it twice and you cant use it again. My favourite one out of this entire pack.

The Wario-Like character, sacrificing air mobility and control in exchange for speed. His Mach Run is incredibly fun to move with, but it doesnt go that fast. He can also dash like the Shoulder Bash from the Wario Land series. His jump is unique as its a hold move thats better the more you hold it. He isnt the best in the pack, but one that i wont forget any time soon.

Alright, how do i explain his moveset.. Its really special and unique is what i'll say. His spindash contrasts Heavys jump, as its incredibly different compared to what Sonic would have, as it can be charged mid air and on ground, including having a special effect that shows if its fully charged or not. He has a jump ability, a forward dash that is charged similarly to his spindash. If you charge it to full, you can go into a wall and launch yourself up, in which Bomb quite literally strikes a pose before falling back down. Similar to Heavy, he isnt the best of the pack but is fun to play as.

Overall, The Chaotix are an amazing pack that i would recommend to anyone starting out. An easy 5 stars from me and i hope that this can lead to more characters and maybe even revamps of existing mods, like with Espio and Mighty here, being made in the future.
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It was a pleasure working on this! My contributions aside, the work done here is absolutely phenomenal. Everyone on the team performed above and beyond and delivered not one... not two... but SIX unique and gorgeous playable characters. Amazing!
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So Chaotix Already Bro 10/10
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I enjoyed these news characters! You did good addons with them! However, the Vector's Beat Bash doesn't work so well in Co-op Mode.
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very enjoyable and awesome mod, instant 5 stars.
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I was waiting so long to have a Mighty mod...
and this is MORE than a Mighty mod.

The sprites, the abilities, even battlemod suprised me!
Good job for the team, good job.

(I know, it's not Chaotix-related, but where is Ray tho?)
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