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oh and, a little bug, the black fade in on the title screen breaks slightly with different aspect ratio settings, any way to fix?
great mod lol.

the master server and board do be dying tho which.... ngl is kinda funny but not lmao.
srb2 mb mods pls don't ban me
Absolutely incredible. I'll give a deeper review later but this is just amazing!

Like other's have been saying, I think pretty much all noteworthy classic characters will have been made for 2.2 after this, besides Ray and Bark (Speedy/Battle Kukku 16th from Tails Adventures if I'm really stretching).
Finally!! Welcome to the next level in x32 world!! Featuring Espio The Chamaleon and the rest of the Chaotix!! I was desperate to have Heavy and Bomb united with the Chaotix, i totally love them all. But what breaks me so badly is that they are 6 characters in one single addon, what if i only want one of them separately cuz sometimes is best selecting them one by one instead of all of them together just to save space on selecting characters. Hopefully they release them separately.
old vs new photos (old is on left , new on right)
great work with this mod, all the characters look great! tho i did find something that probably wasnt intended with one of vectors idle frames. the lines on his casset player (or whatever its called) show part of your skincolor for one of the sprites. a very small issue but one i thought i should notify of anyways

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