Hey folks, Ruby here! Sorry to butt in, but I've noticed the v1.3 release of Terra is missing a few key elements introduced in v1.2, basically just stuff pertaining to the Hyper Dash.

This is a quick patch meant to re-add the Hyper Dash's ability to power up springs and bring back the accelerating Hyper Dash for XMomentum.


The acceleration was somewhat nerfed, but to compensate for that I've added a tweaked Super Sling for XMomentum which only cuts a portion of your current momentum instead of all of your speed.

That's basically it. Happy New Year('s Eve)!
Sorry this update isn't too huge (and that it took so long to release jesus christ), school as well as some other personal things took up a lot of my time, but this dumb lil thing is out now, and thats what counts!!


To start, Both the Super Sling and the Hyper Dash are now a lot flashier!


Terra's Hyper Dash can break through bustable objects now too!


Last but not least, the world's most rudimentary Battlemod support! Pressing Fire with at least 10 rings in hand lets out a new move called Axe Kick.

There's also a nice handful of bugs squashed and little tweaks made, but I can't really list them here because releasing this has been kind of messy due to how long its taken, sorry!

Many thanks to Mr.FondusBroMan for offering to help with this update! We hope you enjoy it!​
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First things first: XMomentum support!

When XMomentum is loaded alongside Terra, she uses a new skincolor called Pholidota!


Her Hyper Dash also gains acceleration instead of staying at a consistent speed! This makes her much faster, but harder to control, which should be fun for speedruns!

Last but not least for the XMomentum support, of course, is the trick fail sprite. Big oof.

Next: Bug fixes and improvements!
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the Hyper Dash to continue if you touch the ground while using it, instead of going into the roll state​
  • Fixed a bug where the Hyper Dash would cancel transforming into Terra's super form​
  • The Hyper Dash is now faster when you have speed shoes and when you're super​
  • The Super Sling is now stronger when you're super​
One last thing -- thank you guys so much for 500 downloads! I'm really glad people are enjoying this dumb little character, and we hope this update makes playing as Terra at least a bit more enjoyable!​
  • Fixed offset issues with the life icon and one of the falling animations​
  • Remade the NiGHTS flying sprite, it used to just be the spring animation​
  • Made minor edits and fixes to some sprites​

next update should be the one that fixes some of the coding issues, unless i decide some more sprites need a little more improvement!​


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