Four is stupid for the sprites and the concept that you can develop about the abilities and my support for battle mods.
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The abilities are odd but they're more interesting than I thought they'd be.

The double jump does really just stop you on your tracks when it would be much better if it didn't so you could flow around the map much better, but I can see it being a balancing decision.

What doesn't seem balanced is the spin flying attack. You can just change directions in a dime. It's also a little buggy. You can fly into enemies and sometimes it won't damage them. Plus there's a bug where if you fly towards a boss and you die, you'll keep flying forever, which is visual but a lil annoying cause I thought I was fine.
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very adorable, fun to use
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Well what can I say about this mod?

Gameplay: ok it be played

Sprites: So I think this is a port from 2.1?

Character:Well, I think it's still the woman

Resilt:There is fun
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hey, it's always nice to see another OC make its way into SRB2! the spritework is pretty good (even if a bit simplistic, but i'm willing to gloss over that), and the abilities are solid...though not without some flaws. this may be just personal preference, but i do think that the vertical jump should have just a liiiiittle bit more breathing room, as in reducing speed drastically instead of cutting it out completely. additionally, i think the reuse of the jump effect for the dash is a little...odd? it doesn't really match the direction of the ability, but it's not that big a deal.

otherwise, it's a pretty solid character mod! you both did a good job.
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Surprisingly good! Despite being so simple, it's really effective. Only issue is that I don't like the sprites very much, but they're still really good.
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Nice work! Its great to see more OCs! The spritework is good and the abilities play well!

A few things that I would like to point out...
Her life icon offset is a bit too high. I recommend lowering it by a bit. Also, when she goes super, her spin ability cancels out her transformation sequence. Unless that was intentional, I recommend adding a check to her air spin ability to not trigger when she's in the middle of going super.
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