Tails The Engineer

Tails The Engineer v2 - Complete Overhaul

Tails The Engineer is back! And with a bit newer moveset too!

Double jump to do a quick dodge roll in the direction you are moving.
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But be careful! One wrong input and you are already dead.

Press or hold spin to use your wrench to hit enemies!
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Don't be to close to them or you will be hit.

Press Custom 1 to open your Building menu.
Use the Weapon Prev/Next to scroll between options
and press Custom 2 to spawn the building.
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Moves around and shoots enemies. Lasts for 30 Seconds.
Cost: 40 rings
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Stationary but blocks enemies and projectiles. Lasts 10 hits.
Cost: 20 rings
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Stationary, grants height when jumped on. Lasts for 15 seconds, refreshes with a spring jump.
Cost: 10 rings
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Extra stuff:
Sentries can get hit 2 times.
Guards after losing their shield will latch onto any nearby enemy and damage them.
Wrench deals 1/4 damage to an enemy, while a sentry deals 1/2 to an enemy.
Guards dispense rings.
In competitive gamemodes, players can damage your buildings.
During boss stages, the building costs are lowered.

(Discord Link cuz MB only allows 8 MB)

This mod is actually somewhat W.I.P?
Don't expect everything to work as intended.
So for modders there's 2 new globals. Enemy Hp and weapon properties. In weapon properties you can change stuff like bullet damage, ammo and that's basically it. And Enemy HP does literally what it says.
You do TF2_EnemyHP[MT_DETON] = 666 AND now detons need to take a lot of damage with a shotgun.

Btw only for the shotgun.
And that's it.
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The Heavy Update is here!
But not that Heavy Update that you expected...

v1.1 Changelog:
-Added Shortgun.
-Added "Obese".
-Now Sentry rockets come out of you and shouldn`t hit allies.

say you is a
Clone fighter - some sprites and early scripting(very early when it was supposed to be exact copy of Engineer)
T_Corvus - Got some sounds for building.

also you can ping like in Portal 2 Co-op
To ping you just type something like: "Need a dispenser here".

v1.0.2 Changelog.
-Fixed that goop bug.
-i forgor other 💀
Hello it`s me again! After i released the mod and hosted it on my server i found some major bugs with buildings so i decided to quickly fix them.

-Fixed errors when changing a skin while you have buildings.
-Fixed teleporter having the "Stick".

Also Funny Extra.
This mod was supposed to be like the in-game engineer with weapons and cool stuff but then i decided to remake it to this thing.
While i was developing i made it so the dodge sound was the Ultra Instinct First Note(that drip meme).
Maybe there will be a taunt or something like that. (I think of doing the Dueling Banjo but you can play it)