Tails... The Engineer?

Tails... The Engineer? v1.1 - The Heavy Update

It's... good, I guess? Only complain is that it lacks abilities to deal with boss fights (like someone else pointed out). This will be absolutely stupid to add, I know, but maybe he could have a limited-ammo basic gun (basically like 10 bullets to use) that works similar to Fang's Pop-Gun but with slightly less range? In normal levels you could restore your ammo to the max by interacting with a box at the start of the level or near checkpoints. Overall, this has potential for becoming a good support class in multiplayer matches, so I guess... yeah, the 4 stars are definitely worth! [P.S: Reading back this idea, it sucks honestly]
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I like Miles"Tails" Prower. I like everything about this fox. And with this mod,Tails's gameplay is better than before
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An amazing mod!
Although tails lacks abilities that help in boss battles.
Yeah the sentry is good and all, but once you spawn one it takes up the 10 rings given to you in the battle, leaving you helpless once it blows up.
And the egg colosseum boss is more hell than it ever was.
Maybe I can suggest adding a short range weapon like a wrench and a long range weapon like a shotgun, but if for the sake of reference, the ring tails uses in Tails' Sky Patrol?
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I personally really enjoy this mod. The only complaint I have is that the sentry and dispenser may need some buffs or something like that. And maybe a unique skin for the Tails The Engineer so we could differ him would be a nice addition as well. But overall - this mod is amazing.
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VERY cool mod.deserve's 5 stars
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Dispenser, and sentry are both cool builds. Dispenser isn't too powerful, like giving you 40 rings, and the sentry bot is perfect. Imagine you can build multiples of the sentry bots. Anyway this mod is great in every way!
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This is a fairly unique mod for the SRB2 community. Usually, all fan mods for characters are too imbalanced and you can go through the game very quickly for them, and right there you are given a simplified version of the usual Tails, but with one very cool feature - the creation of cars. I hope there will be more things to build in the future, and maybe even updated sprites in the engineer outfit from tf2.
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