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UPDATE: Bug fixes released

Hey, remember years back when some guy made a Tails Doll mod then vanished and never updated it?

Well, I'm back, and so is Tails Doll

So what can he do?

Simple, he can float! ...And also rain hell from above while giggling maniacally

-Removed the sound from Nanite Spark
-Gave Nanite Spark the ability to break floors
-Fixed the tails for the Gasp state
-Targetting system fixed so it only shows for Tails Doll
-Instant death if jumping near gaps

Eerie Hover - After jumping, hitting and holding the jump button activates his hover engine module, allowing him to float about silently without dropping so long as he moves, and slow his descent otherwise. Can be reactivated as many times as you want before hitting the ground, but be warned! The shock caused by springs can cause it to go faulty (IE you can't float after hitting a spring)

Nanite Bomb - Hitting the spin button while targets are nearby will, instead of spinning him, make him fire off balls of nanites that move a little slower, but pack a punch! Warning - This drains his batteries a bit, so while it can be used while hovering, it will cause you to drop a bit in height. Be careful with use

Nanite Spark - Hitting the spin button while no targets are in range will short circuit the control gem while it is being held, creating a defense around Tails Doll and letting him demolish bustable walls. It also will allow the Nanite Bomb to auto fire a single shot when you enter the range of an enemy. Tip: Abuse the heck out of this when against a certain bouncy sniper

Water Running - Due to his hover engine, Tails Doll can move across water with almost no speed, making water filled levels a breeze to navigate

Taunt - Hitting Custom 1 will make him giggle. Hold it for a continous mocking

Super Tails Doll - Gathering all seven Chaos Emeralds will allow him to go Super with custom music

Tips and Tricks:
-Due to his lower top speed, he struggles with hills. You need to hit the one at the end of GFZ1 at full speed to get to the top of it. As such, some paths are locked off to him. Try to be creative with finding ways around hills that stop you

-His rapid acceleration makes him floaty and have poor handling at times, so while his mobility makes him able to get through stages relatively easily, he still struggles at times. It's suggested that you take your time with him. A good zone to practice in is Black Core Zone Act 1 - The race against Metal Sonic gives a lot of opportunities to learn the handling

Special Thanks:
-SMS Alfredo for letting me borrow bits of script and also helping me debug
-ChargingTurnip, Golden, and Tatsuru for also helping with debugging and finding things I couldn't find
-The SRB2 Discord in general for all the help and the immense patience

Sorry for the delay on the Special Thanks, I did not know how to edit this originally and then it slipped once I figured out how to add this list

I hope you all have fun playing with him! I worked hard
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Tails doll's sprites look amazing and the artstyle looks like SRB2 instead of being off!
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A great balanced mod!
4/5 because the sprites could use a little update! (they are really good already, i just felt his shape felt off)
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رغم ان المود ليس له رابط الي انه اسطورية
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