Mostly just bug fixes and adding in MIDI music.

- Fixed certain monitors in Frozen Hillside not working
- Fixed a Lua error with emeralds.lua
- Attempted to fix Mario's overalls breaking from a Lua error that resulted from an unknown bug
- Fixed a softlock and weird errors resulting from being dragging into a pit while stunned from getting hit
- Fixed Mario bugging out upon getting hit when other Lua scripts return true on a MobjDamage hook
- Amy's hearts no longer override Mario's Fire Flower power-up
- Fixed P Balloon's explosion not reseting properly
- You now rise faster during Mario's spin jump
- Buffed Side Flip jump height slightly
- Updated drowning theme
- Added MIDI versions of Mario's various jingles

In case you were wondering, v1.0.1 is actually an early version of this update accidentally released early. Most of what's here was already added, but there's some extra fixes that aren't present in v1.0.1.