I've decided to make some editing with Cosmo, so here are the changes:

-Made her eyes a bit wider for A1
-A4 and A5 now have more details, added some shadings so it doesn't look bland. Her changes also applies. to her drifting frames and A6. (back view turning)
-Redid the color palette again so all of her colors blends well together.
-Edited her signpost a bit since her right eye was sort of bugging me a little lmao.
I forgot to replace all of Six's new stuff in the non individual character pack... Oops.
It's been a long time since I updated my character pack, and now I'm happy to bring two more characters to the roster and many more to come! (hopefully)

Character added:

Character updated:
-His icons weren't placed properly and they're now fixed. (Thanks, TheOneGoofAli!)
-Character select icon and signpost had some blue pixels and didn't look right while using other colors are now fixed
-His voice is no longer Ragna the Bloodedge. He now has Riku's voiceline from Kingdom Hearts 3.
-All of his pixels weren't looking right for Six, so I decided to recolor again with Slade and he now looks good.
-Six's new stat is now 8 speed and 6 weight.

I've also decided to change my character pack name to Stardust instead of using my nickname just to fit with the flow for my server.