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The character itself is really good
But actually hard to play
People spit on him like if he was a piece of shit but he's a port of a old mod that has gotten some bonus abilities
Yes hes ugly
But look dont always matter
I played him a lot and i can say that the skill ceiling is probably higher than most of the other mods
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Cool, and everything works pretty much perfectly. Only complaint is that he cant wallkick every wall.
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(Time to ramble like the Mighty fan I am-)

Honestly a pretty good Mighty Addon. However, there's some small changes I've been meaning to suggest for a while that I think would make him even more fun to play.

* Hammer Drop works as expected, but it's not a fun move to use when trying to go fast. As is, it just completely halts his momentum, which is useful when you want to come to a complete stop, but not so much in most scenarios. This results in Mighty not having that many interesting ways to traverse stages as fast as possible, since all he can really do is jump, and occasionally jump off walls.

There's two things I would suggest to make Hammer Drop more versatile: One, allow the bounce to build momentum. As is, Mighty can hardly move during the bounce which again, does not feel great. Two, give Mighty a Drop Dash that could be done after Hammer Drop. That way, it still has the utility as something that allows him to stop on a dime if he needs to, but he also has the option to immediately get back to moving without having to slowly run back to top speed again.

* Wall Kick, like Hammer Drop, works *mostly* as expected. However, what feels kind of odd to be left out is that Mighty doesn't have the option to jump straight up like he could in Knuckles Chaotix. Reincorporating his ability to jump upwards could give Wall Kick a bit more versatility, since he won't absolutely need another wall to get the most out of Wall Kick. As is, just like Hammer Drop, there aren't that many situations where you'd really want to use Wall Kick, or even could use it effectively.

That's really about it. As a straight port, it's gets the job done, but I do really think adjusting Hammer Drop and Wall Kick would work wonders for this Addon.
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So I've played with this mod for awhile at this point and while this is a very good recreation of the Armadillo we love to rarely ever play as, it's very apparent that this mod is still unfinished with alot of flaws kicking about. And even if the original poster of this mod wont see this post, its still useful information for anybody out there looking to make some edits to this character in the future.

1: Walljumping is too janky at the moment. It's a bit of a struggle to really get it to work as having to hold jump before you brush up against a wall is not really intuitive considering you might accidentally trigger a Hammerdrop and plummet to your doom, Not being able to tell if the walljump will even work on any given wall doesn't help either. Walljumping/Clinging should be changed to where you simply have to brush up against a wall and then it will automatically cling you to the wall after that simply pressing jump will make you jump off the wall, as well it would be nice to have some actual consistency on what surfaces you can actually use to walljump off of, As there is no rhyme or reason as to what wall or surface will allow you to walljump off of.

2: The Hammerdrop in its current state isn't that great. With practically no horizontal drift after starting the move and having an awkward bounce once you land you really have a move that has no flow towards
gameplay besides the occasional usage of breaking through a floor. It should honestly be changed to have a fair amount of horizontal drift while falling, making the bounce after hitting the ground smaller
to make it much better for getting back to running around (Sonic Mania's version of the Hammerdrop did this much better), and having a much larger damage radius around the player when the hammerdrop lands would be more useful against enemies, spikes, and some bosses. It also has the nasty of habit of being triggered when trying to walljump, so swapping it to the spin key instead of jump might be helpful. Also is currently bugged and does not destroy spikes placed on walls.

3: The Spike immunity while in a ball state still has alot of enemies & hazards that do not protect Mighty whatsoever at the moment (which proves that this character is still unfinished). Currently the following spike-based enemies/hazards are not protected while in a ball state: Lance-a-Bot's Charge, The Giant Maces in Castle Eggman, The Cacti in Arid Canyon, Crushstacean's Spiked Claw, Green Snapper's Spikes, Unidus' Spike Balls, Spincushion's Spiketop, Bumblebore's Sting Attack, and likely more.

4: The current kit is honestly a bit too barebones, Having just 2 main abilities that are only used for exploration and a passive ability that doesn't come up often, means there isn't really much actual incentive to go out and explore the maps to find the rewards that Mighty can find.
Thankfully the 3 most notable PLAYABLE appearances each have their own unique abilities and traits that I believe can easily merge together into a single, much more versatile and interesting character. Those being
not only the abilities already included from Knuckles Chaotix's Walljump and Sonic Mania's Hammerdrop & Spike resistance, BUT ALSO Sonic Megamix's Insta-Shield, Shield Storage, and Shield Adeptness.
Considering the playstyle with the current version of Mighty is intended to be a beginner friendly and exploration-based character the new additions of the Insta-Shield, the ability to store and retrieve shields
at will, and gaining improved abilities when you have a shield would help *tremendously* give further incentive to not only use the exploration abilities that Mighty has, but also hold onto the spoils that the
player has found over a playthrough. Though some limitations will likely be needed.

As for these new mechanics I have suggested, here are a couple of ideas of how they could work ingame (though if you or anyone else has better ones don't be afraid to post them as this is just meant to be a way to get the ball rolling).

-Insta-Shield: This would only be able to be used if Mighty currently does not have a shield equipped, thankfully alot of the work on this front has already been done as this mod is reusable and is easily able to be ported to this character (hell I managed to do it, and I have literally 0 knowledge of Lua)

-Shield Storage: Similar to how it was done in Megamix, the Shield Storage system would allow you to save any desired shield for a later time without having to lose it for another one. However compared to Megamix this version would allow you to choose which shield you would like to equip/swap to via the Next Weapon/Previous Weapon keys and would have a small hud somewhere on the right side of the screen, said hud would also show which shield you're about to equip/swap to. Any duplicate shields would be allowed and any shield that's in storage will transfer between acts and zones. 5 Rings to activate a stored shield if you currently don't have one equipped, 5 Rings to put the shield currently in use in storage for later, 15 Rings to swap your current shield out for another one without having to store it first (this is to prevent cheese with trying to get around the shield limit, a maximum of 4 total shields able to be put in storage, and any shields equipped will still be deleted when you finish a stage so you have to remember to put it back in storage before you're done.

-Shield Adeptness: In the original Sonic Megamix Mighty was the only character that was able to use the 3 abilities when using an Elemental Shield much like how Sonic worked in S3&K, however since
multiple characters in SRB2 are allowed to use Shield Abilities I propose that Mighty should instead be able to get *improved* versions of the Shields. The Attraction Shield could target enemies from a longer
range and would not be destroyed underwater, The Force Shield could either protect you from spike damage even while not in a ball form, or be able to also stop vertical momentum as well
(honestly I couldn't think much for this one), The Armageddon Shield could either be able to explode twice before being expended and be able to protect from both Fire and Electricity Damage,
The Whirlwind Shield could give you slightly lower gravity, The Elemental Shield could give you a substantially improved Hammerdrop with better stats (Better horizontal movement, bigger damage radius, faster fall),
The Flame Shield could give a much better Thok and would not be destroyed underwater, The Bubble Shield could reduce the slowdown effect you receive when underwater, The Lightning Shield could have a bigger ring attraction radius and would not be destroyed underwater, and The Basic Shield could take 2 hits instead of 1.

Hope this helps!
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