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SRB2Ware v1.2 - WarioWare Microgaming!

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WARNING: This mod is broken in 2.2.9
I can't currently update it, it will be done someday soon. Sorry!

Welcome to SRB2Ware!
Participate in a series of microminigames and win to earn points, then reach the top of the scoreboard!


SRB2Ware is a custom gamemode inspired by TF2Ware, which is in turn inspired by the gameplay style of WarioWare.

The goal of SRB2Ware is to be the highest scoring player after 21 minigames.
Each minigame has a simple objective and often lasts a short amount of time. Some may set the player's skin to the appropiate one.
All players are given a prompt, and their task is to complete the objective to earn a point.

The game will gradually speed up every five minigames, culminating with a boss round (worth 5 points!) at normal speed.
Boss minigames are more complex and last 1 minute on average.

Afterwards, the game will be over, and whoever has the highest score (there can be a tie!) will be given the ability to eliminate everyone in the lobby with all the weapons!

After some time, all scores are reset to zero, the game returns to waiting for players, and the gamemode prepares itself to loop once more.

This script adds three gamemodes:
SRB2Ware - The original! Normal gameplay is enforced.
CustomWare - Allows gameplay changing CVars to take effect, so you can tweak gameplay to your liking!
DebugWare - Mostly a tool I used to test minigames or to print information to figure out what was breaking, this allows you use debug commands as well!

Some commands and CVars can only be used under specific gamemodes:

For all Ware gamemodes:
ware_waitplayers <1 - 32>
Default: 2
How many players to wait for before the start intermission begins.

ware_temposhift <Yes|No>
Default: Yes
Clientside variable that toggles a feature that allows songs to "compress" to scale with minigame speed.
It may sound bad for some, so the option to toggle it off is provided.

ware_list <any other arguments>
Displays all minigames available.
If the minigame is colored sky, that means SRB2Ware can select it by random chance, otherwise it will be colored gray.
The argument -plain will output all minigames without formatting.

CustomWare and DebugWare:
ware_tospeed <0 - 999>
Default: 5
After every this many rounds, the game will speed up!
A value of 0 disables it.

ware_toboss <0 - 999>
Default: 20
After this many rounds, the next round will be a boss round!
A value of 0 disables it.
This overrides speedups if they happen to overlap.

ware_rounds <0 - 999>
Default: 21
Play for this many rounds. After the final round is played, the game is over.
0 rounds does nothing and acts like if 1 was entered.

ware_force <string>
Default: "none"
Forces the specified minigame to play, even if it doesn't meet the condition normally required.
Minigames may act odd if there aren't enough expected players.
If the name is invalid (for example, "none" is not a valid minigame name!), this will be disabled.

ware_blacklist <?>
Allows you to force the minigame raffler to avoid choosing certain minigames.
It can also be used as a whitelist, to only raffle specified minigames.
ware_force will take precedence, and minigame conditions will still be queried.
If Ware is unable to raffle any of the specified minigames, it will ignore the list and raffle one as normal.
Usage can be found in-game by calling the command.

DebugWare only:
Note that issues that arise from these commands are not valid.

ware_debugtables <Yes|No>
Default: No
Shows minigame memory normally hidden from the player.

ware_roundless <Yes|No>
Default: No
Prevents the round counter from advancing.

ware_instastart <Yes|No>
Default: No
Forces the game to skip the starting intermission as soon as any player is not spectating.

Skips to the preround state.

Skips to the game over state.

wd_ss <integer>
Sets speed.
Final speed is integer * 0.15

wd_sr <integer>
Sets current round.
There are 35 minigames:
bomb - Bombs rain from the sky. Run away!
climb - Climb a wall and avoid the spikeballs!
collect - Collect three rings!
crusher - Don't get crushed!
detrain - Avoid the detons!
dontdrown - Grab a bubble!
doors - Pick one of the three doors and pray it's the right one.
emerald - Find the emerald and charge a spindash to dig it out!
fan - Hover!
glowball - Have you played that bonus stage in S&K? Reach the top!
grab - Tails: Grab Knuckles! Knuckles: Let Tails grab you!
hitenemy - Shoot a ring to an enemy!
hunted - Knuckles: Reach the top! Tails: Grab Knuckles before he reaches the top!
kamikaze - Avoid the kamikaze! No, the bomb cannot be detonated manually.
killbot - Destroy a badnik! Two extra badniks spawn as well.
land - Land on the platform!
lava - Get on a platform!
math - Answer in chat a random equation!
missile - The Missile Game 3D
move - Either stop moving, or don't stop moving!
origin - Stay close to the highlighted player, who will try to run away from everyone!
push - Hammer the opposition and stay on the platform!
race - Reach the other side while dodging the spikeballs!
ramp - Spindash down a ramp and hit the target!
riders - Cross the "starting line"!
rollout - Reach the top while dodging rocks that roll down.
shark - Avoid the Metal Shark and get out of the water!
simon - Do what Simon says! Someone other than Simon does not count...
skin - Change your skin!
stoplight - When the statue's back is turned, slowly sneak to the end!
target - Use a rail ring and hit a far away enemy! Try not to hit other players.
text - Pay attention and type the prompt in chat!
touchsky - Fly to the sky!
walter - There will be as many risen platfors as Walters there are: Break line of sight from Walters!
waterskip - Skip on water a number of times and land!

As for the boss minigames:
amy - As Amy, tag all Sonic players, who will try to avoid that!
chungus - I'm sorry.
onslaught - Survive the onslaught of enemies for a full minute!
pressure - Don't fall off!
quickdraw - A tiny reaction game...
soccer - Instructions are in-game. Score goals!
- v1.2 -
* Fixed skincolor stuff - Minigames that use it should work now.
* The blacklist works now, oops.
* New quicktest command
* glowball: It starts with one glowball less, making the minigame shorter overall.
* emerald: Some weird spectator issue, now fixed.
* shark: Players that have won are now invulnerable against shark attacks. No more free points!
* bomb: Three quarters of all bomb sparkles no longer spawn, making the minigame less laggy.

- v1.1 -
+ Minigame whitelisting/blacklisting!
* Made Glowball slightly less intensive...
* Fixed some OpenGL color funny for Stoplight
* And Eggman rotates more often

- v1 -
* Initial release

Known issues:

  • Of course, you can play "singleplayer"! You just have to host an unlisted server and set ware_waitplayers to 1 so the game can start properly. Some minigames that expect 2 players or more will not be rolled.
  • Want to follow my progress on updates? Check my Trello board.
  • No, this wasn't inspired by RblxWare in any shape or form.
  • Bugs or issues encountered due to misuse of debug commands will not be accepted.
  • Speeds above x2 may not work properly...
  • Due to how SRB2Ware operates, custom characters are not supported (yet), as well as scripts that modify the player in some way. Try playing "vanilla", so to speak.
  • The mod has custom gamedata to unlock all characters immediately.
  • Do not load this mod mid-netgame! Load it from the title screen and host from there. Otherwise, the custom gamedata will not kick in for everybody who was already in the session and the game will refuse to switch your skin to one you haven't unlocked yet, making some minigames stop working!
  • Some other notes that would sound hostile in a release post, but you can find the threat within the pk3.

  • FAVman33, for the logo!
  • Cyron, for some soundbyte rips from a funny ball game
  • Many people in the Temp SRB2Ware Discord and in the Community Server for helping me out test minigames that required multiple players. How the hell do you export an user list
  • Other people I forgot
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