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[Open Assets] srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI

- Fixed issues with filtering servers when selecting SRB2 Master Server room,
- Filter query is now case insensitive.
- Added options -f/--filter and -fk/--filterkart to filter list of SRB2/SRB2Kart servers from Master Server,
- Added option -r/--room to list SRB2 by room from Master Server (issue #1),
- SRB2 and SRB2KART environment variables with value "flatpak" support other SRB2/SRB2Kart Flatpaks, which requires entering "flatpak [SRB2/SRB2Kart Application ID]" for all Flatpaks, for example SRB2="flatpak org.srb2.SRB2" or SRB2KART="flatpak org.srb2.SRB2Kart".

- Updated,
- Added Map to details of SRB2Kart server.
  • Added option to disable automatic restart of server after error. To turn off, set environment variable "export NOSRB2SRVLOOP=1".
  • Added options to join SRB2/SRB2Kart server from entered IP.
  • Added SRB2MAINCFG, SRB2CFG, SRB2KARTMAINCFG, SRB2KARTCFG for setting paths to game's configuration files.
  • Added error message, if there is no connection to Master Server,
  • Fixed issue of not displaying number of active players in Battle mode, when selecting server from SRB2 Kart Master Server list,
  • Added missing color to text, when choosing SRB2 Kart servers,
  • Changed position of countdown to restart own server after error.
  • Fixed issues of paths to addons not to be displayed from file list or not to be loaded at all in some cases after the last update,
  • Fixed displaying unusual output,
  • Fixed issue of not to be able to enter commands from dedicated server.
  • Added more examples to SRB2 and SRB2KART variables,
  • Added automatic restarting server after error,
  • Fixed issue of Windows styled paths not to be able to be found,
  • Some text coloring,
  • Changed server browser for SRB2 Kart to
  • Fixing issue of not to be able to connect to IP of servers with ports other than the default one (5029),
  • Other fixes regarding displaying server names.
New update gives some significant changes to the script:
  • Replacing SRB2 Master Server Browser URL to .
  • Replacing code to be compatible with, which greatly improves speed of web scraping from Master Server, and as an end result, faster displaying list of servers.
  • Removing dependency for Puppeteer and Node.
  • Fixing issue with displaying some colors in server names.
  • Adding support for running SRB2 and SRB2Kart flatpaks. You can set environment variable in shell configuration file with: export SRB2="flatpak" and export SRB2KART="flatpak", if flatpaks are installed.
  • Adding error messages.
  • Fixing issue of files not adding to filelist, when using tilde as shortcut to home directory in path.
  • Removing more useless part of code.