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[Reusable] srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI

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Bijman submitted a new resource:

srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI - Tools needed to start your own server or to connect to servers in SRB2 & SRB2Kart


This shellscript has number of uses related to SRB2/SRB2Kart server.
Mainly, the script obtains information about IP, number of players, gametype, etc. from and, which allows user to connect directly to selected server from SRB2/SRB2Kart Master Server list...

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Once again, got this working on Mac as well—I was unable to test having it open the game since it doesn't seem to like having spaces in the directory names, but it does list servers as advertised and I feel safe assuming the rest works since srb2dl was well done too!

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I could not figure it out, but it gives me the error 'bash: sudo: command not found'


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I could not figure it out, but it gives me the error 'bash: sudo: command not found'
Error means there is missing sudo command, that needs to be installed, but installing script with "sudo make install" doesn't seem to work well on Windows, so I propose alternative way to install script:
1. Open Git Bash,
2. Create directory "bin" with command: mkdir ~/bin,
3. Copy script to ~/bin: cp /path/to/srb2srv ~/bin,
4. Enter: nano ~/.bash_profile,
5. Write new path to executables with environment variable PATH like export PATH="~/bin:$PATH" in ~/.bash_profile,
6. Check if you set properly other environment variables from "Configuration" section in srb2srv page,
7. Enter: source ~/.bash_profile or restart Git Bash.
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Ye ol' bugger
Bijman updated srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI with a new update entry:

Update 2021-09-27

New update gives some significant changes to the script:
  1. Replacing SRB2 Master Server Browser URL to .
  2. Replacing code to be compatible with, which greatly improves speed of web scraping from Master Server, and as an end result, faster displaying list of server.
  3. Removing dependency for Puppeteer and Node.
  4. Fixing issue with displaying some colors in server names.
  5. Adding support for...

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