SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff!

SRB2infinity - A Phantasy Star knockoff! 1.10.3

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In the distant future, without villain or hero, the world is left in a complacent state and is powerless against an unexpected resurgence of Badniks colonizing the planet in little time due to the lacking defence systems. Survivors who have managed to flee to the Low Orbit Station, used for research up until now, created ARKS (Annihilating Robots to Keep Species) and vowed to reclaim the planet from a threat thought long gone since the defeat of Dr. Eggman hundreds of years prior at the hand of long gone heroes. Without them, or any special power at their disposal, ARKS operatives must resort to using conventional weapons built specifically to take on Badniks.

There's been quite a history of trying to replicate Phantasy Star in SRB2 with a very incomplete PSO mode going back as far as the Final Demo era in some executables, although the will to do that has mostly vanished over time since then, today, this is finally made real!'

SRB2infinity is a total convertion that changes the core gameplay of SRB2 to resemble that of "recent" Phantasy Star titles, more specifically Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.


In true Phantasy Star fashion, you'll take on quests where you beat up enemies to gain levels and items so that you can get stronger and beat up stronger enemies that ambush you in increasingly hostile formations in new quests!
You can do so by yourself in singleplayer or in Multiplayer with up to 31 other players! (Although really, Multiplayer is mostly balanced and stable around 2 to 4 players)

There's a Discord server right here if you wanna set up netgames n' all that stuff
And also a modding documentation right here which is also in the Discord

So uh, what's this that finally came out of the oven after like 5 months?

3 Types to choose from!
Choose between Hunter, Ranger or Force!
All 3 of these Types have a unique way of taking on enemies by using weapons they're proficient at. Keep in mind, not only can you change your Type at any time without losing your EXP or levels, but you can also upgrade Types to be able to use weapons they otherwise wouldn't be able to! So don't be afraid to experiment with playstyles you find to your liking by making use of other Types' tools to cover the weaknesses of another!


These different Types can make use of 8 different weapon categories overall!
Each weapon plays differently from another and specializes in a specific fighting style. While some weapons will keep your 2 hands full like Swords or Rifles, it's worth knowing some weapons can be one-handed which gives you the option to dual wield specific categories of weapons together such as Sabers and Handguns!

3 unique areas!
Adventure and fight your way through 3 different areas! Each of them have 3 different missions that will have you traverse different sections of the map and fight new enemy configurations.
The 3rd mission of each area culminates in a boss fight that is sure to keep you on your toes. Though signs point to these 3 enemies not being the root of our problem...

Dynamic combat system!
Take on waves of enemies as you progress through quests! You'll need to use your weapons and knowledge efficiently to overcome the odds and avoid getting surrounded!
Use your weapons' regular attacks to build up a combo Chain on enemies, and end that chain by using Photon Arts for massive damage sure to leave a mark on enemies!

Offence isn't always the answer to a situation however, so remember to make use of evasive manoeuvers such as dodgerolling or Photon Dashing out of harm's way if you deem it necessary!

Frantic Multiplayer co-op!
Not only can you play the campaign alone, but you can also do so in online multiplayer co-op!
In Multiplayer, item drops are individualized, so everyone can get different items from the same enemy! So help each other through the waves of enemies and share items with your fellow operatives to gear each other up and face overwhelming odds!


You can also make use of an enhanced chat with features coming straight from Phantasy Star Online, including chat bubbles and Symbol Arts which can be used to send images selected by the server host in the chat directly with minimal setup!

NOTE: As of this version, local splitscreen co-op is currently unsupported due to some limitations reguarding individualized drops.

Symbol Arts:
Symbol Arts are a communication feature that allows players to send predefined images in chat by either using the /sa<number> or /symbol<number> chat commands (eg: "/sa1" would send the first defined Symbol Art), or by using the Social tab in the menu.
Symbol Arts are to be defined directly by the server host in luafiles/client/srb2i/symbolarts by using the templates provided in downloads.
Instructions are available in provided as a download in the thread.

NOTE: Clients cannot send their own images due to limitations in the amount of data a client can realistically transfer to the server, and also to place accountability of potentially offensive Symbol Arts solely on the server host.

Mod Support?
SRB2i has mod support although the documentation and necessary resources (especially for custom quests) are not yet ready.
Modifications specifically cattered for SRB2i should use the "Inf_" prefix (with an uppercase i, not a lowercase L)

Please refer to the modding documentation available here.

Known issues:
  • Players may sometimes get stuck inside enemies due to how SRB2 hitboxes work. I promise I did my best and it used to be way worse.
  • Enemies may sometimes clip through laser fences. It's a rather rare occurence and you will still be able to damage and defeat them through the fence if that does happen.
  • There is an issue where certain objects don't spawn in Android builds of SRB2, making the campaign impossible to progress past mission 2-1. Android builds are not officially supported.

Texture and spriting assistance for weapons
TelosTurntable: Some of the Symbol Arts bundled by default
Too many other people: Playing the same stuff on loop and realizing I forgot to fix that one bug from 3 weeks ago and that the Crawla Commander has once again clipped through the laser fence.
Me: Spending like 5 months making this and also realizing I captured the wrong screen during the recording session and having no gameplay footage to show of myself for the video trailer (yes that's what happened)
First release
Last update
4.78 star(s) 32 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.10.3

    FIXES Fixes another issue related to load order where it was impossible to change inputs...
  2. 1.10.2

    Fixes the PA menu under status being completely botched, too.
  3. Guess who forgot to put the Pop Hats in init.lua

    That's right! Nothing else to add, I'm tired :dramahog: FIXES Fixes Pop Hat not loading...

Latest reviews

Honestly, insane addons like this which totally change up the gameplay style are phenomenal and I'd love to see more of these. 10/10.
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litterally AWESOME but no seperate chat mod :(
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Absolutely gas game mod that really scratches the Phantasy Star Online itch that I've been having for years.

The current version is relatively bare bones compared to what a potential final and complete experience would be but what I see hear in combination with the community and their modding contributions give this game probably the potential to give a unique experience that meets and maybe even passes its contemporaries that are officially from Sega.

As someone who's been playing PSO since DC V1, all the way up to NGS with over 15k hours on PSO2 over the course of 10 years and a long time player of SRB2 itself; this mod feels like a hole made just for me.

Recommend this heavily if you're an enthusiastic fan of Phantasy Star. The fact that this experience is being delivered with a Sonic theme ala SRB2 is icing on the cake, but most importantly; if this is anything like SRB2P, this mod will have its own identity in time that allows it to give a game play experience that can't be found anywhere else and instead of making you feel like, "Wow this makes me want to play PSO/PSU/PSP/PSZ/PSO2/PSN." it instead will make you want to say, "Wow! I want to play more SRB2i!"

The game is still buggy and unfinished of course so it still feels like something that just left the proof of concept stage, but with respect to that; I think it's fair to say no SRB2 mod comes polished out of the box; especially when the undertaking and vision is incredibly vast and robust. So I wouldn't personally hold any issues such as bugs or missing features against this mod and I implore you to see it for what it would eventually be.

If you choose to take issue with aspects of the mod then so be it; I'm only mentioning this to help temper expectations. :)

10/10 new hobby will be around in this community for ages to come.
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hoping this gets an overhaul someday🙏
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Anything that awesome should have a story mode.
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i didn't expect much from this since it sounds silly, but it's *incredible*. I've had a ton of fun with this, more than most official Phantasy Star games i've played! (Maybe just because this is smaller and more manageable?) I've only played through as Hunter so far (both difficulties) but i intend for two more full plays, especially if i can get a group together.

The combat is really well-tuned with a *lot* of genuinely interesting strategy if you're going for ranks. The enemies are a lot more varied than i'd expect, and i was switching between all 3 different hunter weapons just based on what's the safest/best for any given situation, which is really rare to see in games in general, let alone an SRB2 mod! Special shoutouts to the final boss for being amazing too.

The one "bug" i'd like to report is the sometimes extremely loud enemy/item spawning sound since they all stack, especially when a boss dies. It's an actual health hazard to some people like me, and i know stuff like that isn't uncommon in SRB2, but since there's only one cause of it in this mod, it's worth fixing it whenever the next release is (just limiting it to one instance per frame somehow).
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its perfect super fun with a friend too
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awesome mod ever
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I'm not a fan of having to stand still to attack, but that's just a detail. One of the most fun game modes I've ever played. I can't wait for bigger campaigns for this mode as it's amazing and so well done!
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Are there any weapons that have the rainbow star/yellow star proficiency or is it just the red star proficiency for now?
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