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[Open Assets] srb2dl - SRB2 Content Downloader CLI

- Added option "--history" for selecting version of resource and downloading it from by addon ID (issue #3),
- Added option "--id" for downloading resources from by addon ID (issue #7).
- Added source code and binary links to SRB2 rphys, SRB2 TSoURDt3rd, SRB2Kart Galaxy, SRB2Kart HEP and SRB2Kart Saturn,
- Updated links to SRB2/SRB2Kart builds.
- Removed links to source code for SRB2 Uncapped Plus and SRB2Kart Moe Mansion.

- Fixed issue of aligning "Open Assets" label with addon, which caused (issue #9),
- Fixed issue with running curl if there are no files (issue #10),
- Fixed filtering by reusable/open assets,
- Fixed issue with adding to database in some cases (for example links to SRB2 archives from ""),
- Fixed issue with empty search author results due to square brackets in search URL.

- Updated
  • Fixed displaying messages for BusyBox's sh,
  • Fixed issue with not to be able to search addons,
  • Aligned messages to look a little bit better.
  • Downloading files is available for Linux systems (Rocky Linux or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) with curl not having option "--output-dir",
  • Added environment variable SRB2DLDEBUG for verbose output from script.
  • Removed link to binaries for SRB2 Uncapped Plus, since site "" is down.
  • Added function to download addons to selected subdirectories within SRB2/SRB2Kart configuration directory. To activate it, you need to add export SRB2DLAUTODIR=1 in shell configuration file. Keep in mind that, parsing download path argument to script is disabled, when this variable is set.
  • Updated link to SRB2 Persona build,
  • Switched positions of options,
  • Added download paths to script's database,
  • Other fixes.
  • Fixed issue of script not executing properly with custom path.
  • Fixed issue on some downloads, like builds, with getting error message about connection issues with SRB2 Message Board, even though site or internet is working.
  • Fixed issue of not displaying search results of resources,
  • Added checks for connection with SRB2 Message Board,
  • Corrected displaying double quotes and other special characters in resource page's titles and filenames,
  • More improvements for filename matching when upgrading resources.
  • Added feature of upgrading previously downloaded resources,

  • Added other features related to managing entries of downloaded resources,
  • Corrected colors in messages,
  • Other fixes.
  • Added SRB2 VR's source code and its compiled binaries for Windows and Linux,
  • Changed SRB2 Kart VR's source code link to proper branch,
  • Changed link to SRB2 Persona .exe file,
  • Added SRB2 Persona AppImage,
  • Made more colored text for some messages.
  • Added SRB2 Persona and its source code, GoldenTails' SRB2 AppImages, Lonsfor's SRB2 Kart, SRB2 Kart Moe Mansion AppImages to Custom Builds.