SRB2 Underwater: A Hedgehog's Greatest Nightmare

[Reusable] SRB2 Underwater: A Hedgehog's Greatest Nightmare v1.3

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Exactly what's being implied in the name. Originally made as a fun test just with GFZ, I am now slowly expanding the scope of it, with the eventual goal being to have the entire game underwater.

Do you think you can brave through the abandoned watery depths, and defeat Robotnik once again, all the while you are in constant danger of drowning?

  • Greenwater Zone and Sunken Hillside Zone.
  • Custom title screen.
  • Slight level design changes for better visuals and underwater gameplay.
  • Zones have even more secrets in them.
  • Custom emblems, most of which have new locations and hints.
  • Along with other smaller changes.

NOTE: It's highly recommended to play with OpenGL, mainly for superior and easier-to-see visuals.
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Latest reviews

great joke done upsettingly well with tasteful decoration and balance changes. the slow-motion physics make for a somewhat different playstyle to normal gfz, especially at the bossfight. there are plenty of air bubbles all in great places, there's never any pesky danger of drowning or waiting 5 seconds for a bubble to appear because there's usually one active that you can snag. this is one of the diamond in the rough water levels that actually carries momentum well, i can't wait for the sequel, thz under goop
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Am I the only one that's saying that it made greenflower easier,
Anyways nice mod! It's outstanding!
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This is actually amazing, you can obviously tell you put alot of effort into this one map. It's very challenging and it looks cool! It also add an element where trying to explore the level adds the risk of drowning. Though not very fitting for metal fans (Yes... no boost mode, GO HOME) It's still fun as all of them.
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Although a seemingly minor edit of Greenflower, this actually makes the map play differently, and has some more care put into it then "I'm just gonna make the entire level an underwater FOF and delete the rest of the water FOFs hurr hurr". Sounds release acceptable to me!
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