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[Reusable] SRB2 Uncapped 2.0 hotfix 2

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Play SRB2 with uncapped framerate!
This Custom Build uses interpolation to achieve more than 35 frames per second in srb2, while still supporting vanilla netgames.

Frame interpolation implementation made by Eidolon (also known as ShaderWraith).
Ported to 2.2.X with some enhancements and fixes by Fafabis and Golden.

Source code:

frameinterpolation - Toggles interpolation.
frameratecap - Changes the maximum framerate of the game when the frameinterpolation cvar is set to "On, Capped".
gif_interp - Toggles smooth gifs (beware that when this is enabled GIFs size will become heavier).
interpmovingplatforms - Toggles moving platforms interpolation.

STEP 1: Download the 32 bit exe and place it on your SRB2 folder.
STEP 2: Run the exe and done!

If you are getting a window with error "0xc00007b" you will need to reinstall the dlls, here's a link for them, just extract it on your srb2 folder:

Beware that some addons that use objects don't work too well with this build.
If you discover a new issue with uncapped be sure to report a issue to the SRB2 Uncapped gitlab!
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Latest reviews

Thank GOD the dirk surf crash was fixed, I had to unplug my PC because of it X(, finally its fixed.
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It's gotten better, but i got another problem with objectplace, when i tried to use the arrow keys to move, it couldn't be able to go a single direction. It flinched, but nowhere i could go, not even up or down.
Fixed this on the new hotfix
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That Is Fantastic
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This is an absolutely amazing mod, thank you for making this! I genuinely will not be able to look at Vanilla SRB2 again thanks to this mod and I hope it gets the model treatment and officially becomes part of the vanilla game!
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Hits a pretty stable 144fps on OpenGL on all levels I tested, with no noticeable hiccups. Really a game changer to see SRB2 at a higher framerate!
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As of the moment, I'd say this is a fairly alright custom build! Playing in 60fps plus feels nice, and I really appreciate the extra gif features and functions.
However... I can't really see myself using it personally for a few key issues.

First, Software barely gets a boost in FPS despite the counter claiming otherwise. I'm assuming this is some kind of limitation of the engine as even Kart's interpolated builds and Doom don't go over 35 easily in Software. OpenGL works a hundred times better for interpolation and I assume most use it for the models and such anyways.
Second, it fluctuates in FPS really, really badly, moreso in OpenGL. Considering I have a fairly powerful gaming laptop that can run modern games at max, this shouldn't be happening. Kart's Moe Mansion build doesn't have this issue, to compare. It's really disorienting to deal with.
Third, It feels like there's input lag? In Kart it's less of a prevalent issue and I can play with fair input delay online, but here in a precision platformer that becomes far more noticable and can really mess up timing.
Lastly, the installation requires you to overwrite the .dlls the base game comes with to run and if you at any point want to use the default srb2win.exe, **YOU MUST** have the original .dlls backed up or the game will refuse to launch.
Updated description warning about how to properly install the 64 bit exe.
Can you post more details about that fluctuation you are getting? like, are you running the game with capped framerate, or vsync?
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oh my god, it now for 2.2.9, screw the srb2win.exe, THIS IS WAY BETTER
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Well, it's finnaly here on the MB, i played this when it was only on a sketchy yt vid, BUT IM EXTITED TO HAVE IT AVAILABE FOR 2.2.9 (Even if max is 60 for me
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Welcome to releases!
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