SRB2 Uncapped

[Open Assets] SRB2 Uncapped 2.0 hotfix 2

Hopefully this will be the last hotfix.
- Fixed player in objectplace mode not moving.
- Fixed shields and the camera itself jittering on first person mode.
So turns out polyobjects don't like to be interpolated, sometimes they move crazily so i had to remove all the interpolation related to them.
I hope you like the enhancements i could make for this custom build! It was very hard to put this all together, and it will be probably the last time i will be able to update this build.

- Fixed 1up icon jittering for once and for all.
- Fixed Smooth gifs slow when the fps counter is disabled.
- Fixed the infamous DirkChars Dirk Surf Crash.

- Now moving platforms interpolate, this was taken from an old uncapped branch made by Eidolon. Now they look smoother, but unfortunately this causes the lighting above the platform to flicker in some cases, you can disable it if you want on Video Options -> Interp... Moving Platforms.
- Moved smooth gifs option to Data Options -> Screenshot Options -> Interpolated/Uncapped Gifs.
- Removed Lua mobj interpolation modes because no one ever used it.
- Removed 64 bit builds because it caused too much confusion and there aren't any real benefits of using it on windows.
- Removed Linux appimage.

Also the source code link has been changed, it's now:


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Forgot to fix cutscenes and HUD properly. it should be good to go now.
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- Cutscenes don't interpolate anymore to prevent bugs.
- Paused game now only interpolates the hud instead of disabling interpolation entirely.
- Fixed 1up icon on monitors.
- Renamed menu option "60 fps GIFs" to "Smooth GIFs", because smooth gifs are actually 50 fps due to the gif format limitations.
- Added version string.

- Added 64-bit windows binaries along with 64 bit dlls (be sure to put these on a separate folder so you don't mess up your 32 bit srb2 setup).
- Added a 64-bit Linux AppImage for those that don't want to compile. (Thanks mazzmaz and Golden for the the appimage packager!)

For modders:
Added interpmode to mobj proprieties, and exposed to lua, this shouldn't resynch uncapped players if done correctly.
An mobj of your addon looks jittery? try
How to modify a mobj interpmode on lua:
if mobj.interpmode != nil then -- interpmode is never nil on uncapped
        mobj.interpmode = 1 -- set interpmode 1 for smooth no interp
-- if interpmode 1 still doens't fix the jittery, you can try using interpmode 2
if mobj.interpmode != nil then -- interpmode is never nil on uncapped
        mobj.interpmode = 2 -- set interpmode 2 for 0 interpolation (might look jittery)
-- you can also reset interpmode to the default value of 0 so it always interpolate
if mobj.interpmode != nil then -- interpmode is never nil on uncapped
        mobj.interpmode = 0 -- back to interpolation
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