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A Nightly/Rolling Release custom build of SRB2, with the latest community made features. Inspired on SRB2Kart Moe Mansion.

Grab the latest EXE here:

Tracking features list:

Discord Rich Presence:

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-45-14.png

A port of the SRB2Kart discord rpc implementation. This can show some of your game info (level, emeralds, gametype, etc) on your discord status, and invite other people trough discord game invites.

OpenGL Palette Rendering (author: Hannu Hanhi):
If you only want this feature, you can download it from it's merge request page.

This feature adds a palette rendering mode into the OpenGL renderer. It matches the look of software rendering very closely.

Dynres (dynamic resolution) (author: Jimita):

Dynres allows you to run SRB2 at any resolution up to 3840x2160 (4K).

Uncapped (authors: Eidolon, Golden, Fafabis):
If you only want this feature, see the SRB2 Uncapped build.

Uncapped enables the framerate to run at more than 35 using interpolation.

Source Code:
Latest server compiled builds:

Features in this build includes code by these authors:
  • Eidolon
  • GoldenTails
  • Hannu Hanhi
  • Jimita
  • JJK
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Latest updates

  1. SRB2U+ Version number 12

    I will eventually release the latest server build of SRB2U+ here if there are any major changes...

Latest reviews

To everyone complaining about the supposed patch.pk3 bug, it's showing up because it's not updated for 2.2.10
Upvote 3
Update with my other review, My friend managed to make the link work, but the entire build is in spanish apparently. Is this true?
Upvote 0
I tried to load the game, but there is an error saying that srb2.pk3 is old, corrupt, or modified, but when I launch via the normal exe, it launches just fine. I'm using 2.2.10 btw.
Upvote 0
I used this .EXE a lot, but when I bought a new pc and reinstalled the game (in version 2.2.10), it asked for the patch.pk3 file, but the new version doesn't have the file, not even on the download site.. if there is a patch for the new version can someone send me the link?
Upvote 4
sounds pretty cool but nobody has bothered to explain the patch.pk3 glitch so i can't use it.
Upvote 3
A must-have. 120fps ultrawide SRB2 is a great thing to have. For some reason this page hasn't updated in ages, even though the code for this mod has. Check the Discussions page for this mod for an updated version, compiled recently from Github.
Upvote 0
when i downloaded it i got an error of is not there
what do i do ?
Upvote 6
The link to get the latest EXE seems to be broken, I'm using Opera GX and I'm unsure if anyone else has this issue.
Upvote 5
It's great to see uncapped still being made for newer versions. A fantastic use that I've grow used to, but for some reason the discord rich presence doesn't seem to work at all despite it being in the source srb2 folder. Any clue on how to fix this so it can work as its intended to?
Upvote 0
i think this improves a lot how someone can play srb2, amazing work

but got a problem where discord doesnt show the rich presence, do i need to do something else?
Upvote 0