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A Nightly/Rolling Release custom build of SRB2, with the latest community made features. Inspired on SRB2Kart Moe Mansion.

Grab the latest EXE here:

Tracking features list:

Discord Rich Presence:
Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-45-14.png

A port of the SRB2Kart discord rpc implementation. This can show some of your game info (level, emeralds, gametype, etc) on your discord status, and invite other people trough discord game invites.

OpenGL Palette Rendering:

This feature adds a palette rendering mode into the OpenGL renderer. It matches the look of software rendering very closely.

Dynres (dynamic resolution):

Dynres allows you to run SRB2 at any resolution up to 3840x2160 (4K).


Uncapped enables the framerate to run at more than 35 using interpolation. If you only want this feature, see the SRB2 Uncapped build.

Source Code:
Latest server compiled builds:

Features in this build includes code by these authors:
  • Eidolon
  • GoldenTails
  • Hannu Hanhi
  • Jimita
  • JJK
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Latest updates

  1. SRB2U+ Version number 12

    I will eventually release the latest server build of SRB2U+ here if there are any major changes...

Latest reviews

Beatiful FPS this so good
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this executable is PERFECT for me this is the true srb2 2.2.9 i would love to see a 64bit build like the other uncapped mod, the new palette rendering option are completely awesome i finally can experience the best video experience with the vision correction and with 3d models, but I have some criticisms. This version for me is very bad optimized both in open gl and in software before when i played in open gl everything was very good and smooth , now my game is only at 40 or 50 fps and this ends up forcing me to play only at 35 fps . This as far as I know is due to the fact that the window is now resizable and performance might end up being affected because of it.
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the exe or this mod is SUPER AWESOME but when i use the custom pallete thing and i run the models uh something very wierd happend (i cant show screen shots soo... dunno)
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Pretty neat that we have a build with Discord RPC now. And, not just Discord RPC, you can use a custom resolution, palette rendering and 60+ fps!
I like this custom build, but something that's stopping me from using this as the default one is the bug, where if I Alt+Tab, SRB2 uses the maximum resolution of my monitor (only happens if fullscreen is used). This also happens, when booting the game.
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It should be possible to disable dynres
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Welcome to releases!
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