Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

[Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 2.0.15 No Split Zip

fixed comment for Blue Crawla lua
Fixed legacy issue with eggrock 1 2.0
fixed texture issue with CEZ3 2.1
Fixed springs in dev D4 CEZ1
Fixed an issue with text going off screen in green resolutions
Fixed issue with Robohood
fixed texture issue with rocky mountaion
Fixed gargoyl issue with d4 CEZ2
Fixed issue with Robotropolis music
Fixed legacy spelling error in Grand Credits
Fixed wrong era monitors in 2.1 ERZ3
Fixed RVZ3 for both hub access and campaign
fixed dev d4 CEZ2's wrong era silver ring boxes
fixed Metal's challenge tier 1 relay race giving you the win when you loose.
fixed wrong era monitor in final demo cez of metal's challenge
Fixed Mine Maze act 2's header for beta quest
Accuracy update applied to Rocky Mountain act 1. Thock barriers not originally part of the map mostly removed as part of update.
fixed wrong era eggmobile and token in 2.1 eggrock
fixed sigsegv cafae sign, still can't figure out what's causing the unexpected closures
Commented out an old test message, left it behind for data miners to find as a record of dev testing/Easter egg.
Fixed issue with new exits from the everyone gauntlet.
actually loaded in the missing Black hole emblem this time
Fixed the wrong era textures of Orbital Hangar 2.1

When reporting issues with maps, please be descriptive as possible. In the future I will not be acting on pictures alone. This mod has multiple versions of the same map and I need to know what version you went to.
New bonus download bundle, stand alone versions of the unlockable characters are now available.
All 5 are slightly tweeked and a little different from their appearance in SRB2 the past.

X-treme Placeholder Sonic is now multiplayer color compatible
Megaman is now multiplayer color compatible
Chao's speed now matches Sonic's allowing it to go into its running frames
All five characters are Kirby Compatible.
X-treme Placeholder Sonic grants Wheel
Megaman grants gun
Chao grants ball
Cinnossu grants Mike
Zim grants UFO

Change log:
fixed box style in srb1
fixed Doom ship's 2.2 inv box
fixed Black Hole's missing emblem
Cinnossu's shoes are now blue in CSS art
Vent opens up looking for correct metal's challenge unlock now.
Character specific emblems are now all using character relevant sprites instead of era relevant
THZ2 2.0 emblems have been reordered
Terionic's and Dajumpjump's name updated in the credits per request
Fixed a level header issue for THZ3 2.0 causing it to not work in co-op
Fixed an issue with Dev D4 CEZ1 having wrong era sign
add in a quit option to the everyone rush, single player only to prevent MP griefing
added in a first come first choice edit to the everyone rush for continuing or exiting
Tweeked the Everyone rush to not need everyone at the crumbling floor, ERZ gauntlet not yet fixed for this issue.
fixed the text getting cut off in museum
Fixes the stray pixel found in some signs
Fixed wrong era texture in 2.1 THZ1
Fixed MTparticle overwrite
Swapped in Motor Roach's edit of Glaber's SSN Sprites
Fixed issue with THZ2 1.08 and corrected a water monitor
Fixed issue with most levels not having era appropriate end card tune.
Added end track for Wizard levels
fixed issue with 3 of Mine Maze tgf's springs facing the wrong way

Attempted to make it clear you need to use 7zip on the split zip in the file name after figuring out win rar can't extract from 7zip's split zips.
Fixes issue with knuckles getting softlocked in ring satalite
Addresses issue with knuckles making a jump in ice palace
Fixes a SRB1 enemy that's suppose to fly.
added a missing emblem hint
Fixed an emblem assignment.
unified the capitalization of level names
Fixed a trigger for a big secret unlockable
possibly fixed a crash trigger in the gauntlets
(Midiman) corrected an issue with tgf monitors
(Midiman) fixed issues between bots and bosses and chains and missels
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Fixed some wrong era item boxes
Fixed some grammar
Fixed some wrong era tokens
Addressed issue with Plasma Drone being too accurate a recreation. Now acts and reacts much faster.
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Forgot to include the bonus music dlc wad due to not being use to having multiple files in a single release
Updated to 2.0.1 to fix issues that were missed during testing.
Final demo secret chain should now work properly
Updated final demo red volcano to prevent a soft lock situation with a lava fall.