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Snick the Porcupine, It's him, he's here in SRB2 because...

This is a very simple vanilla mod due to a lack of coding knowledge on my behalf. Even then I hope this mode has a lot to enjoy about it and can provide a unique experience regardless.

Snick is a momentum-focused character, trying to keep as much speed as possible. Using his unique attributes to help maintain flow. Let's go over them:

Fast Boy%

Snick is very fast, having boost mode and higher acceleration plus top speed can make him a wild beast to control at high speeds. However, due to that acceleration, he can take slightly sharper turns and keep his speed going.

Low Profile

Due to his stature, Snick can squeeze by many obstacles, taking new shortcuts and even avoiding hazards. However, this can cause him to struggle with some normal tasks that others don't have a problem with. (Cough tall stairs Cough)


Unlike another speedy critter, Snick's Thok sends him up. allowing him to take new routes some wouldn't have the means of taking. It also keeps most if not all of your momentum so don't forget to use it to take some tight turns.
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For a first mod, the sprites are pretty good and really do look Pizza Tower. Ability wise, it works. Wish there were actual abilities but for a first mod its alright
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I Love Snick (It's Him)
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Certainly unexpected to have had a decent amount of fun using Snick, but I have several problems that can be fixed.

Let's talk about the gameplay: i start saying that it's quite ok and works well with Snick (especially the speed factor), but only having a boostmode and a double jump seems too little and generic for a character. If we want to be more accurate to Snick's only playable appearance in Pizza Tower, it might be possible to introduce the super peel out as a secondary mechanic or by replacing the spindash entirely.
Although it would probably be impossible to convert well to a 3D game, if Snick ever gets a super form, you could turn Pizza Tower's super jump into an ability that sends you forward, similar to Junio Sonic's bullet dash).

Ending on a positive note, i really like the sprites and how they came out.
Yeah I know, as I mentioned I don't know coding... so a LOT of things are cut and this is more of an simple vanilla form. (At least that's what I tell my self at night)

So stuff like the peelout and the rest of snick's kit will be in an update for him... when ever that happens. (kind of looking for help on that) In the meanwhile I'll probably work on other characters or work on my other projects.

Glad that you enjoyed the sprites but I can understand the disappointment with the lack of features but het you can do some cool stuff with what is there from my hours of testing him. (Like the entirety of Techno Hill Act 2)
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I can't get mods to work on Pizza Tower consistently, so this is my next best way to play Snick. Don't think I'm gonna go back, he's so addicting to play.
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sprites is good. But not abilites. Ability make like Lua code
Yeah sorry about that, I can't do much about that so this is more of an base game interpretation of Snick.
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snick (it's him)
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All we need is a OP peelout but other than that this is really cool
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Very good!, hes quite fast and doesnt use the 2d sprites from pt, i was expecting more from him, but this is still very outstanding!
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little porcupine
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