[Open Assets] Sls64LGBro v1.0.6.1 - The for real Goodbye

This is a patch, because I changed a bit of the description.

Now since this is an actual patch, I am sorry if this was a bit late.

Clearly this wasn't notice so I decided to updated it anyway, but it's a patch so.

Have fun, also this is a for real goodbye update so, bye.​
This is the last update for this old mod of mine, and since there is going to be a new characters pack.

It means that this mod will not be updated ever again, it's also called gamingcharacters.

So let's listed the updates, shall we?

v1.0.6 - Say Goodbye

1. I decided to remove the floating ability because he can fly already

2. I removed the invulnerability from Air Boost, as it can effect the actual invulnerability monitor.

3. I decided to add in Fly/Swim Cancel, and Super Sparkles for the Super Form.

4. I changed the name "sls64" to "legacysls" since this will replace gamingcharacters (which am included)

5. I changed "ALT_SLS" to "LEGACY_SLS" to not get confusion on both of the colors as well, also they might be the same but, my color will get tweaked in gamingcharacters.

And that was all for this update, hopefully you have fun in your winter break.

Also just to clear out the info, no I am not going to replace this and add the new description.

Also the Main Page will be changed as well, so look out for that.

Anyway, I'll see you in the next addon. Bye!​
Since April Fools is almost over, I will just return to updating normally.

Changelog v1.0.5.1:

- ALT_Sls has now have a new shade of color

That's really it for this update, now am gonna go off and do whatever am doing.

It's out, that's so cool!

Anyway's that's all for today, have a great time!

See ya!​
That's right, it's st patrick day! Since this is the first addon to make something for st patrick day, I just use a script for him to change to color emerald. So that guy won't ever get pinch when he is green, but he is gonna if someone doesn't! But in his super form in his tail I guess, I really didn't change it. I will update it in P_SKIN, so then it can be a green super color tail. Anyway, have fun with this lua script!
Yes of course, since it says it on the title of this update.

I do have a v1.2 preview video up on my channel!

I also tested obs to think it was fixed for me now,

and it did not work, how really sad.

I will show you it anyway, since it was a premired anyway.

Anyway, See ya later!
Forgot to also mention that also fixed the jump sound for everyone.
Hey Eveyone!

Even though this is the first release, there were few ratings that actually make far to this release.

But even though am doing this, it's far to make points and mods that have no great things.

Now with that set off, let's meet the changelogs to this update!

Changelog v1.0.4:

  • Air Boost now does work in a gravity flip
  • Removed Fly Drop for a new ability space button
  • Dash Fall has been added! (Similar to Adventure Sonic.)
  • Removed Recurl for Dash Fall to use "S_PLAY_FALL"
See ya later!
Just fixing it cuz it's confusing of which name.​