Shield Abilities

[Reusable] Shield Abilities v1h

Ever wanted to change your ability on the fly, even without a shield?
Now you can, with...
Shield Abilities

After adding the add-on, you're one command away from choosing your Shield Ability:
shieldability <ability>: change your ability to one of the Shields'. Use 'none' to revert back to your default.
Available options are as follows:
AbilityCommand optionsGifDescription
Whirlwind Jump
whirlwind, wind, jump
Double-jump up into the air. Can also be used when free-falling. Careful though, you'll be left vulnerable.
Attraction Shot
attraction, magnet, homing, shot
Just your regular ol' Homing Attack, except without momentum loss. Use this from above to fly high into the air.
Force Stop
force, energy, stop
Halt your momentum in any direction, simple as that. Use for precise jumps.
Elemental Stomp
elemental, element, firewater, waterfire, stomp
Stomp down onto the ground and let out a circle of flames if you didn't land in water. Automatically stops in goop.
Armageddon Blast
armageddon, nuke, pow, blast
Blast anyone and anything within 1536 fracunits of you, flashing their palettes red. Can only be used every minute. Also removes your current Shield and resets your shield ability.
Flame Burst
flame, fire, aura, flameaura, thok, dash, burst
Just your regular ol' momthok with a speed of 25 fracunits. Useful if you wanna go fast, but stopping after a chain of this is hard.
Lightning Zap
thunder, lightning, electric, coin, thundercoin, zap
Just your regular ol' double jump. The more momentum you have going up, the more momentum you gain up.
Bubble Bounce
bubble, water, wrap, bubblewrap, bounce
Stomp down onto the ground and bounce back up. Automatically stops in goop.

...And that's basically it. Lua-based recreation of every shield's active ability, all within one command. Have fun with the ablities, I have nothing else to say.

...oh right! Before I forget, not every shield's ability is recreated perfectly. Attraction Shot can be used while shooting for an enemy, Bubble Bounce sends you higher than usual, and Flame Burst speeds don't quite match.
AND every one of the abilities that have visual effects just spawn thokitem of the skin, with the exception of Armageddon Blast.
Okay, NOW I have nothing else to say. Have fun.
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