Ryder The Falcon - The Rock-Solid Dark Destroyer

Ryder The Falcon - The Rock-Solid Dark Destroyer 1.0.3

I swear to god I remember writing a review for Ryder and publishing it, but I guess I never did. Weird. Anyways, this without a doubt is one of my all-time favorite character mods. Like basically my #1 after thinking about it in my head for a very long time.

I remember booting up SRB2 for the first time in late 2021 or early 2022 I don't remember the exact date. It took me a while to beat the game, and once I did I didn't touch it for a while. But, once I did come back I delved into mods.

I played a handful of mods. Have it be character ones, map packs, and new game modes (Kart, Persona, Battlemod). But when viewing the vast catalog of characters one day, one caught my attention. Ryder the Falcon.

While it took me a while to get used to his unique playstyle and main form of attack. Ryder's learning curve is amazing. When I found out you can still move after making a pillar and not just stand there made it was fun to run through levels. This gives a ton of speedrun potential and more people should pick him up.

Ryder wears the heavyweight tag perfectly. The passive effects really fit. Breaking through walls and being a nuke by falling off cliffs is so much fun. Plus the Badnik bouncing again makes shortcuts so much fun.

I can go on about how much fun Ryder is to play. I do have some minor nitpicks.

Ryder's stone toss ability is hit or miss. It helps with combat and platforming but it really struggles with one boss. That being Castle Eggman. The boulders are either too big to fit inside the small cage or if they do they hardly hit Eggman. Leaving me to either risk getting crushed by the cage by going for a jump or waste 5 minutes in an already annoying boss throwing blindly. I think Ryder would benefit if the builders were just a tad bit smaller. Or just smaller for that specific boss.

While I'm a fan of Ryder's big appearance, his sprite is a tad bit too big and makes it hard to see upcoming hazards if you don't edit the camera. Again very minor so it doesn't bother me that much.

Anyways, I can't wait for more content for Ryder in the future! I'll wait patiently for that moment!
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Really great. Love the approach to designing a heavy character. My only problem is the rock abilities. The Pillar Rise isn't too bad (though it is a little annoying that it's hard to use around enemies because it's perfect for setting up the big stomp move), but I really hate Rock Throw. If it were just a simple punch, maybe with a wide swing and huge kickback to enemies, it'd be really fun, but trying to manage rocks and having them get in the way when you miss an enemy is frustrating. Otherwise, really fun and it makes me hope there's some weirdo who will mod in Munch from Tribal Hunter
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im da biggest bird X4
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Very fun gameplay style. The weighty jump arc feels very nice and fun to control. Abilities are unique and interact with the "physical" world nicely. Only weak point I can think of is that aiming thrown rocks at distant and/or moving targets can be hard, so some form of auto-aim or an option to adjust the sensitivity would be appreciated. Well done to everyone involved in creating this character mod.
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I love playing mods where you feel like you can just shoot anything down and the fact i didn't find this sooner kills me. 10/10 Mod and is my favorite
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definitely very fun to mess around with, and playing golf in bigger stages with his giant cubes is oddly satisfying, a few minor gripes I have is the fact that there's no options to change aiming (eg reticle sensitivity or mouse vs movement keys) and that there isn't a way to turn OFF his ability to grab ad throw other players. overall just satisfying to move and play with, and Co-Op makes it even more fun.
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This Mod is Awesome!
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Abilities are simple, but he is to amaze and bestow, a character worth playing, if you want one that throws.
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A really pleasant surprise! It's not often you see heavyweights and Ryder is one heck of a fun character!
His abilities are simple and easy to learn, and I really appreciate the extra reticle and control when tossing blocks (and players). His jump took a bit to get the hang of at first thanks to that sudden drop, but it's fun to just plummet down and either rocket off, or smash anything nearby! Plus, those effects with the splats and paper sprites are really impressive!
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I am very very very happy I could take part in testing for Ryder, it's an amazing mod :)
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It's not common you find characters this big, lol.
This was a really great character to help test and play as! I really hope others choose to think the same way.
It took a bit of getting used to with the weighted falling, but MAN is it fun once you nail it down. Creating platforms and blocks too is fun as hell as well, and is a great co-op additive to help others. Really great overall!! And congrats on the release too, since this took a while to finish!
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Oh boy, he's finally here. Definitely a fun and unique character to play as. Glad to be part of this project!
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Oh yeah, this dude! I remember seeing early GIFs of this guy and was ust thinking the other day "I wonder how that pillar making dude is doing". Well, I got my answer today. He's certainly one of the coolest uses of splats I've seen on a character! Definitely a standout mod!
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