Numbers ending in 2 are so last year, so version 1.3 is here to correct some longstanding issues. Of note is a fix to a rather nasty sync bug, a bunch of minor things mostly related to the boat, and also some battle mod rebalancing kourtesy of Krabs.

Fixes & Tweaks
  • Fixed a cvar desync (this has been floating around for a bit as the "kitchen sync" version)
  • Blaze's hoverfire no longer gets stuck on you if skin is forced off Blaze mid-hover
  • Mirrored the Blaze 1up box icon so it's facing the same direction as literally everyone else's icons
  • Sol form jump height boost now matches super form's boost
  • Fixed being able to simultaneously ride the boat and not ride the boat
  • Trying to summon another boat while you still have a boat will relocate the boat to the portal instead of spawning an entirely new boat
  • Prevented sol transform from activating in record attack (it caused BAD DEMO!! anyways)
  • Boat music no longer overrides jingles
  • Clearing a level will properly stop the boat music
  • Fixed music stuttering while in sol form on the boat
  • Exterminated more lua warnings
Battle Changes
  • Blaze
    • (battle only) When boosting, turning more than 40 degrees in a single frame causes the boost to end. You can still turn pretty sharply, but this helps reduce her ability to circle around in one spot with boost hitboxes
    • Pyro geyser cooldown 2.5s -> 3s
    • Tweaked burst dive's hitbox to be more accurate to the visuals
  • Marine
    • Sol buster cost changed to 10 rings, up from 5. Her projectile has proven to be very strong so the cheap cost doesn't make a ton of sense to me.
    • Sol buster cooldown 2.5s -> 2s. Meant to compensate her for the above nerf and make her a strong fighter when she has a lot of rings
    • Sol buster now shows a targeting arrow during the pre-fire period (similar to fang gun targeting arrow)
    • Tail attack's increased thrustfactor is less potent while carrying the flag in battle ctf
Hi everyone. Katmint here with some fresh April bugfixes for all of you. We discovered a quite serious issue with multiplayer which warranted an immediate update.

  • Fixed a broken iterate that could cause some players to be unable to access their sol forms in multiplayer
  • Corrected a regression from 1.0 where Blaze would spin instead of boost if spin was held while landing with a fully charged boost
  • Fixed Blaze sometimes playing a spin sound globally
  • Boat can no longer spawn outside of the map
  • Fixed shields shorting out in water while in sol form
  • Sol transformation sound now plays globally like super transformation's does
  • Fixed setrings 0 sometimes not canceling sol form
  • Added some missing sound captions
Hello again! Thank you all for the feedback and bug reports! This latest update is set to address (hopefully) all of the post release issues that have been encountered over the past week. In addition, the spoiler ban has been lifted so feel free to discuss what you've found with each other! Thank you for playing our mod! We've also added Doodle Blaze to the download sections! These sprites were made by Lightdasher and were originally used as placeholder sprites during Blaze's development.


Anyways, onto the patch notes!

New Additions​
  • Replaced the ineffective "rushsplats" command with a new "rusheffects" command which hides most non-essential visual effects. This should drastically reduce CPU usage of the boost, super forms, and the boat. Note that due to the nature of this command, it must be enabled on the server side. It is recommended to turn effects off if you are hosting a large server.
  • Blaze now has ending fireworks. We kinda entirely forgot about that.
  • There is now a boatchars table which allows custom characters to disable unwanted boat effects.
  • Added a notice to update your game if the script detects you are playing on version 2.2.9 or older. :U
  • Added "CL_DoodleBlaze.wad" into the download section.

General Updates​
  • Some internal refactoring and optimizations
  • Fixed an issue where Sol forms did not have fullbright
  • Fixed a bug where dying as Sol form didn't properly cancel the transformation
  • Prevented Marine and other flight bots being able to grab characters during Sol Emerald transformation
  • Fixed being able to spawn Boat reward inside of a wall
  • Fixed a bug with Brak colliding with the boat making him invincible
  • Fixed multiple lua errors
  • Bugged boat tokens no longer appear in chaos mode
  • Fixed being able to transform while exiting or in a multiplayer special stage
  • Boat can now break open locked saloon doors
  • Chainthrowers and dustdevils were made interactable by the boat
  • Various other boat issues were also fixed

  • Blaze's hover is now cancelled upon grabbing the Flag/Diamond if she was hovering beforehand
  • Various reverse gravity fixes
  • Implemented missing constellations
  • Hid jump VFX while in first person
  • Fixed an issue with dying while boosting causing you to zip off
  • Fixed a bug with dust devils and Blaze's boost
  • Fixed firecolor command breaking when inputting colours with spaces in them
  • Fixed a bug with Blaze's Burst Dash that prevented her from breaking walls or going under spingaps if you were too close
  • Fixed a bug where Blaze's Burst Dash charge could cause her to fall off moving FOFs/poly objects
  • Fixed various other Burst Dash issues
  • Fixed an issue where Blaze's fire protection didn't work against fire damage objects without MF_FIRE
  • Fixed an issue in Battlemod where sometimes Blaze would spawn rocks when using burst dive
  • Fixed an issue in Battlemod where you couldn't cancel out of Burst Dash
  • Fixed an issue in Battlemod where the boost would not be interrupted by using certain actions

  • Changed Marine's Tail Swipe priority in Battle from 1,2 to 1,1
  • Fixed the Sol Buster direct contact hitbox only being active for 1 frame
  • Marine now has 0 defense to attacks from above during Tail Swipe (previously had 1)
  • Reduced weight from 100 to 90
  • Fixed dying during Sol Buster charge not properly resetting it
  • Removed Marine's tailspin acceleration gain if she makes contact with the ground
  • Fixed hitting springs from specific angles with tailswipe causing the spring to be weaker instead of stronger
  • Fixed an issue where reflecting a projectile as it spawns caused the projectile to become static and linger permanently
  • Can now reflect Orbinaut spikeballs
  • Fixed Marine causing splashes if she is idle in on noclimb FOFs in shallow water
  • Fixed an issue were Marine would ignore dash panels if she hit them mid tailswipe
  • Fixed float timer draining in situations it wasn't supposed to drain
  • Fixed issues with float's gravity reduction ramp
  • Fixed being unable to gain p-speed when having a remaining float timer but not using float
  • Fixed an issue where changing out the Marine bot with another would cause them to inherit Marine's abilities
  • Hopefully prevented the Doom Marine from appearing