These characters are f**king brilliant. I enjoyed playing as them a lot. I will say a couple things that need changing. First off, Blaze's boost kinda sucks due to lack of accessibility. You can only use it in Rush Mode whereas the Boost mod by the same person who made Smooth Spin Trail makes it usable at any time. Making the boost function exactly the same as Sonic Rush would be appreciated. Second, I understand why the Sol Emeralds have to be collected from bosses(neat throwback to Sonic Rush), but without damage? Do you know how HARD some of the bosses are? Egg Colosseum, Metal Sonic, Brak Eggman... but I did notice the compatibility with BuddyEX by SMS Alfredo. Just simply type 'blaze' or 'marine' depending on what character you want as a buddy. And is there a console command to get all seven Sol Emeralds instantly, like with the 'getallemeralds' command in vanilla SRB2? I would've tried to find something like this myself in the pk3, but we're not allowed to do that till March 27. Bummer. Still, 10/10 mod and would recommend this to others. Can't wait for the eventual 3d models.
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Imagine what I said with Adventure Sonic, but here. This goes up in the definitive character mods category of my mind. The fact that both movesets are speed-focused, while still helping with platforming is so good.
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not liking this is a sin, but y'all remember that jeckjim's made a blaze model ?, don't use that model with this mod, you'll regret it.
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I had two worries when seeing this;
1: Boost on Blaze
2: Marine's very existence

And I'm glad to say, those two have been entirely squashed!

My one worry with Blaze was needing some garbage like Custom 1 to boost or otherwise her being very combersome to play, but the result provided here honestly just feels like a much better Metal Sonic. You get to choose *when* you want to go fast instead of needing to slow down because of how uncontrollable the boost mode gets. Double Jump helps a lot with mobility but her hover not only loses height, but is limited which prevents her from completely trivializing the game the same way Metal Sonic does.
Her visuals are insane and very much like that of her source material and Blaze overall holds a very soft spot for me seeing as Sonic Rush was the first Sonic game I played.
One bug to note that you probably have noticed already is that her jump/spin doesn't like reverse gravity too much, but this is minor and doesn't impact anything I'm saying.

As for Marine... well, the character itself I can't say I was ever a fan of, she always felt like some unecessary part of Sonic Rush Adventure, and yet here I'm sold on her kit alone.
Much like Racoon Mario to Cape Mario, Marine feels like a more balanced version of Tails that needs to earn her flight which makes it very satisfying. She also gets around the common problems of no-spin characters with her Bubble Dash which is very simple to execute and allows her to both damage enemies without needing timing but especially allows her to clear slopes without it feeling like utter garbage like poor Amy and Fang over there. It pairs very nicely with her flight too which allows it to gain some momentum and abilities that synergize with one another is always a plus.
Fine, I guess... I like the weird fusion of Sniper TF2 and Racoon Mario a bit more now....

Overall, this nails visuals and gameplay in one swift hammer hit, no questions asked, I'm probably gonna be using these two a lot in the future.
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Calling it: the next "Adventure Sonic", "Mario", "Modern Sonic", etc. Blaze and Marine are the new "it" characters for SRB2. I'll be playing as these two for a long time!
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Its amazing.
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Both characters are full of visual charm and are notably fun to play, ALL Emeralds gotten as the Cat and the Raccoon. Go play them right now, they're fantastic.
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Outstanding sprite work, extremely fluid and satisfying gameplay, and an amazing amount of overall quality and polish all around.

A huge round of applause to everyone that worked on this!
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this mod is absolutely great. marine is an absolute scrunkly. send review.
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Bottom text.
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This mod is everything I could want in srb2.. But why is the boost mode on blaze keybinded to spin? I have a few probs's but this mod aight. (Im never getting burning blaze am I :( )
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This is a really good mod but i have one problem with it, for some reason marine doesnt work like shes supposed to. idk if this is intentional or a glitch but whenever i pick her shes green and non of her abilities work.
You're using an outdated version of SRB2. RushChars needs version 2.2.10 to function properly.
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god this character pack is so amazing like blaze is a more a vertical moviment while marine is so fast to beat stages with 10/10 i enjoyed it
good mod
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Holy Hell, A lot of people worked on this and its awesome I thanks for a lot of people who made this!, I was waiting on someone to make Marine playable and here it is!, I Hope everyone else enjoy this mod as much as i did!
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I love it! A really great character pack!
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